Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where oh where????

I love making mini scrapbook albums as I've said before. Mainly because I feel like I can accomplish something because I have so may pictures and sometimes I get overwhelmed with all I need to do and the last thing I want is so to feel that way over scrapbooking!! I mean I love scrapbooking and when it starts to feel like a chore...then I am doing too much!!! I tend to go all or nothing. I wish I could change that about myself!!
There are times when I go nonstop with something whether it's scrapbooking or crafts and when I get going...I can't stop!!
Or I do nothing at all!!
These are few albums I did last year while in a scrapping mood.
Both do not have photos in them yet!!
Sometimes I make books, then fill in the pics later.

So with all my books it makes me wonder...where do I put them???

This book here is a valentine one I made last year. I made a few handmade cards and decided to make a mini scrapbook with identical or so...copies of the valentines I made to remember the cards.
So what do all you do with your scrapbooks or albums?
Are they displayed? Are they stored?
I actually have mine in storage containers in my garage so if there is an emergency(example hurricane in FL) and we have to evacuate we can grab them quickly and go!
I'd like to display some, but not sure how.
Maybe a plate holder with a book and swap it out every now and then?!?!
In a few weeks I plan on getting some more scrapping done and a few crafts here and there too.
We are in the process of cleaning out one of the kids rooms for reorganizing and then painting it and putting down new floors.
My little one Maddie was told if she helped me to donate alot of her old stuff I'd get her a little tea cart with a new tea set...a child after my own heart!!
She loves her tea parties too!!!
She tells me all she wants to be when she grows up is a mommy and drive a pink min van!!
She wants 5 boys and 5 girls......guess I'll be doing alot of babysitting in the future!!!!


stefanie said...

oh, cleaning the kids rooms...agggghhhh...I just went thru two...I am scared to go into my daughters..good luck

Honey Mommy said...

I wish I had scrapbooks that I needed to put somewhere! I tend to keep most of my stuff digitally because I don't have the time or the room to make a mess with my little guys running around!