Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pink Saturday cuteness!!!

Another Pink Saturday!! Thank you Beverly at
I love Pink Saturday and all this pink makes me sooo happy!!!!
My pink princesses in 2005. Ok- no pink, but still very cute!!!

I wasn't sure exactly what to post for this Pink Saturday, but Friday afternoon I was remincing and started scanning some old pics from when my twins were born 8 year ago.

My last baby, pictured in pretty pink dress was born in 2005 and her life is all digital!! From the moment she was born- she was a digital baby!!

So I decided to post some pretty pink cuteness!!! My babies from the year 2005.

Although she is now a 4 year old princess, she will always be my baby!!

I love this little angel pic of Megan taken in 2005 when I was pregnant with Madison. I bought a lovely white hat with veil at a thrift shop and put Megan in the white dress for a picture.

Well as I took the pic, the wind blew down her hat and veil and it looked like she had angel wings in the photo!!

And again another baby pic of Madison dressed in pink!! And I wonder why she loves pink so much- I guess I forced it on her!!

She is my little pink princess!!!

This week I want to tell you about Sherry at A Happy Valentine!!
Her pink Saturday post features her newly remodeled powder room and it is so very beautiful!!!!
She made the rug herself and it so sweet!!!
Please pay her a visit!!!
Have a great Pink Saturday to my dear friends!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mantle Friday

Beth over at

has a mantle party every Friday!!!

Wow!!! What a great place for inspiration!!!

I recently got my faux fireplace this summer and I love it!!

I have decorated it for Halloween and Christmas so far and right now

I am working on putting something together for Valentines Day!!
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where oh where????

I love making mini scrapbook albums as I've said before. Mainly because I feel like I can accomplish something because I have so may pictures and sometimes I get overwhelmed with all I need to do and the last thing I want is so to feel that way over scrapbooking!! I mean I love scrapbooking and when it starts to feel like a chore...then I am doing too much!!! I tend to go all or nothing. I wish I could change that about myself!!
There are times when I go nonstop with something whether it's scrapbooking or crafts and when I get going...I can't stop!!
Or I do nothing at all!!
These are few albums I did last year while in a scrapping mood.
Both do not have photos in them yet!!
Sometimes I make books, then fill in the pics later.

So with all my books it makes me wonder...where do I put them???

This book here is a valentine one I made last year. I made a few handmade cards and decided to make a mini scrapbook with identical or so...copies of the valentines I made to remember the cards.
So what do all you do with your scrapbooks or albums?
Are they displayed? Are they stored?
I actually have mine in storage containers in my garage so if there is an emergency(example hurricane in FL) and we have to evacuate we can grab them quickly and go!
I'd like to display some, but not sure how.
Maybe a plate holder with a book and swap it out every now and then?!?!
In a few weeks I plan on getting some more scrapping done and a few crafts here and there too.
We are in the process of cleaning out one of the kids rooms for reorganizing and then painting it and putting down new floors.
My little one Maddie was told if she helped me to donate alot of her old stuff I'd get her a little tea cart with a new tea set...a child after my own heart!!
She loves her tea parties too!!!
She tells me all she wants to be when she grows up is a mommy and drive a pink min van!!
She wants 5 boys and 5 girls......guess I'll be doing alot of babysitting in the future!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We have a winner!!!!

Today my assistant Madison decided to call in sick on me.

She told me her teddy bear was sick and she had to take the day off!

Oh I called in a temp to replace her!
Mikayla did a great job today and she was the one who pulled the winning name from the basket.
And so the winner of my very first giveaway is
Cathy of Treasured Heirlooms!!
She has the
MOST beautiful blog and home!!!!
Thank you so much to all the wonderful participants and all the followers of my little blog!!!
It was alot of fun having this giveaway!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last chance to enter

Tommorow is the drawing for my first giveaway!!

Today is the last chance you have to enter!

Please leave me a comment on the post about the giveaway and let me know

if you become a follower as well.

Thank you for all the participants!!!

I've really enjoyed making some new friends and

I love comments!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentines mailboxes

Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to start getting ready for valentines day here with the girls.
We made simple mailboxes for thier cards by using
paper plates, paint,
stapler, and some valentines stickers from Michaels.
First we painted the dishes, then folded them in half,
we put them together to form a heart shape and stapled the bottem and then stapled the front top and front back.
We made the handle by cutting the upper portion of the paper plate and then
attached it to the back.
They decorated them with thier stickers too.
Next weekend we will make valentines cards for each other.
I purchase vintage valentine images from etsy and have them printed up at Staples or Office Depot and then use glitter and ribbons to fancy them up!
The girls just love doing arts and crafts with me!!!
We had a long weekend.
Saturday we had a small fire out back and made smores with the our kids and about 5 or 6 extra kids!! Then 3 slept over and Sunday we did arts and crafts.
As if I don't have enough kids of my own, every weekend there are several extras who stay and just wont leave!!
My oldest has her friends always here too which is nice.
Yes we feed them and they get awfully thirsty too, but it is a small price to pay just knowing all my kids are here safe and off the streets.
We know exactly who they hang out and what they are doing!!
So I'll just keeping shopping at Walmart for snacks and juice containers!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pink Saturday

I am so happy to be part of another Pink Saturday!!
Thank you so much Beverly at
The above setting is in my living room/ dining room. It really is one big great area. I have been redecorating here and there and moved around a few items.
Most of the items are delicious pretties I have bought on etsy or friends have made for me and already featured on my blog!!

The pink birdhouse is yet another I painted and decoupaged. I bought the beautiful paper from Michaels and it is just so lovely!!

And my little dog, Bentley wanted to pop in and say hello this pink Saturday.
He actually wears a pink harness....But he loves pink too!!!
I have had so much fun being a part of pink Saturday and made some of the sweetest friends. I can't wait to stop by everyone's blogs and see all the pink
pretties there are!
I have already spent way too much time online blogging and hoping around. There a nice stack of laundry waiting for me and my scrapbooking needs some tending to as well.
Oh well.... it sure is nice to take a break and relax in front of the computer and see how lovely everyone is!
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday album 2009

Yesterdays post was about all the birthdays and how they fall so close together, that is almost like a month long celebration.

Well every year I make a birthday book for each child.

Last year I smartened up!!

Why not make one big birthday book with all our birthdays???

So this is what I came up with!!

I used to be big on scrapbooking- I started about 10yrs ago, but as the family grew and we went digital it got much harder!! I wasn't printing out as many pictures so lately I have been doing alot of smilebox.

I do, however make mini albums. I like them because I feel like I have actually accomplished something! Even small- it is something!!

So after I make all my valentines cards this year I am going to work on my mini birthday album!!

Forget the laundry...there's too much anyway, forget dinner.....those kids can fend for themselves..(LOL).... I am going to be scrapbooking!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Because I love Birthdays.....

Well maybe not my own so much!! But I love the kids birthdays!!
I get so excited- I make them t-shirts, cupcakes and special cupcake toppers for them almost every year!!
The first to kick out the birthday season in Miss Madison.
Her birthday is November 6th and she officially kicks off the birthday festivities in out house!
This year I made the cake, cupcakes, her special t-shirt and the crown.
A few years ago I came across a lovely blog
where she gave a tutorial for making the lovely crowns!! Well my girls love them and I make them every special event now!!

So after a LONG month in December of christmas parties, recitals, gift exchanges, parades, holiday gift giving, and dinners.....
December 26th is my oldest Michelle's birthday!!
She loves it!! She gets double the gifts and tons of attention right after christmas!! She turned 14 this year, I am still trying to accept that!!! LOL

Then my own day...December 30th. This picture is last years since this year I did not let them take my pic(I gained a few pounds and not very proud of myself).... frown frown.....anyway...... I usually get a cheesecake from my dear husband as he knows how much I love it and we get a tired of cake because....

The very next the twins birthdays!!
That's right- December 31th
born 10:30 and 10:31pm they are our new year eve babies!!
The day I went into labor the nurses wanted to wait to deliver them at midnight, but Dr said- no way!! They are coming now!!
My water broke at 8:00pm while everyone in the family was partying-LOL and off we went to the hospital. Thier story is very interesting...but I'll save that for another day!
So as you can, we keep awfully busy in December. And this year rather than throwing childrens parties in which you don't know who will come because not everyone RSVP these days, and not having to destroy my already a mess castle- we choose to take the family to Disney on new years this year( which again is another long story- to someday follow)....
I was so busy this year- I didn't even post any of the birthdays!!
So yes we do have birthdays....and yes....I am exhausted by January1st!!!
Can't wait for it all to begin again in 2010!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just tuckered out....

Sometimes I get tired keeping home and running around chasing everyone.

So when I needed a moment to chill out, I walked to the sofa and thought a few minutes off my feet might not be such a bad thing! my surprise....someone already had that idea!!

Isn't there any place a momma can sit and take a break?!?!?

The bear taking up my space is Madison's bear and she is just the cutest !!

I have a big bear collection, but most of them are packed away.

One day when I am feeling up to it, I'll take them out and see where they can go into my decor!

See my new kitchen clock? I got it at Goodwill yesterday only 4.99. It was new in the package, and I thought it was totally me!!
It says "I child proofed the house, but they still get in"
Oh yeah!! ME!!!!!
Megan came home from school the other day (last week) and says,
"Did you know there was a hurricane in Katie?"
I said to my sweet 8 year old, "You mean an earthquake in Haiti"
She said yes!!
My little darling girl wanted to donate to help the people. We gathered up three bags, some from my pantry and some we bought of food and donated it to a local church. Not sure if the food stays there, or goes to Haiti, but I'm glad she has a great heart and wants to help!
Our thoughts and prayers are with the people in Haiti.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What could be better than roses?

This is the time of year I like to move things around and clean up.

I moved around a few things in the living room, which freed up some space in the kitchen and just started throwing things around!!

Here's what I came up with.....

The napkin holder was a goodwill find for 1.06. I painted it pink and added the decal I bought from ebay a year ago.

Aren't they beautiful. I think I need more!!

The candleholder was another thrift store find that I spray painted pink, added the silcone bulb and ribbon.

The beautiful towels were an etsy purchase...from the Celtic Cottage where she has the most beautiful towels. With 4 kids and hubby if I use them they would end up trashed like most of my other towels, so I put them in the basket instead, so I can look at them everyday!
Happy Tuesday!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pink Saturday and MY FIRST GiveAway!!!!

Welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by the wonderful Beverly at
and once again I am very honored to be a part of it!!!!
In the spirit of all things pink I am having my very first giveaway!!!
In this giveaway I have enclosed...
A pink birdhouse I decoupaged in lovely pink valentine papers with lace and ribbon,
a tag book ready for your precious prints,
a pink glittery sea shell,
A faux treat made by moi!!
Handmade rose I attempted at,
a sweet smelling chocolate candy candle and
a set of cute pink coasters.

To enter all you have to do is this:
1. Leave me a comment (I LOVE comments!!) on this post!!!
and/ or
2. Follow me and please tell me you are doing so.

If you choose to do both you will be entered twice!!

I will announce a winner Wednesday January 27th. My lovely assistant
(4 yr old Maddie) will draw a name and we will then post it on this blog!
So thank you for all the comments and followers and good luck!!
Happy Pink Saturday!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Yummy pork loins recipe

Last night we had pork loins for dinner and it was delicious I had to share the recipe!

It was very good and the kids loved it very much!! I just doubled the recipe for my big family. I used 2 pork loins and doubled the other ingredients.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big News....

If you read my blog, please be sure to stop by Saturday.
I have some news...
I'll be having a giveaway.
Check back this weekend for details!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I love plates!

I started buying plates about 5 years ago and just can't stop!!
I love pretty plates with soft colors and roses!!
I found the prettiest plate yesterday at the thrift store for a few dollars and
I wish they had more than 1 there.
There is a collection of plates in the almost every room of the house.
My goal this year is to get alot of plates and tea cups up on shelves.

The kids started back to school yesterday after a very long break!
They actually don't have school on Friday or this Monday. We are going to work on our
valentines days projects. We'll be making mailboxes for each family member and
working on cards as well.
Looking forward to another long weekend!! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

No fat- no calories

I keep saying I am going to restart my diet this new year, but with so many yummy looking treats, we all know how hard it can be!!

So while at Marshalls (yes again) I saw these delightful treats.

The best part is they are candles!! And they smell just as sweet as they look!!

I made the hurricanes from ordinary Dollar store items(which I got the idea from other blogs-not my own) and this website

and put the yummy fat free snacks in there.

How wonderful for Valentines!!

Tommorow I'll post a pic of the pretty new area rug I found for in front of my fireplace!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My First Pink Saturday!

I am so excited to be a part of my very 1st pink Saturday!!

Bev at How Sweet the Sound

host Pink Saturday and I have been following along for some time now!!

I hope to meet more new lovely people and it makes me very happy to see all the pink posts!!

I love pink very much and as you can see from my pics pink is part of my life everyday!!

Sure my home is not perfect- it is very lived in, especially with 4 darling little girls, but is is well loved as well.

Thank you for stopping in-

Ya'll come back now!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

pink, pink, pink and more pink..... going to store this time of the year!!
Yesterday we went to Marshalls and Ross and they have out all thier Valentines things!!
This is the stuff I wish they kept out all year round!!
I bought some scented sea shells yesterday and a pretty pink plate.
I have some unfinished projects needing attention and as soon as the kids go back to school from thier way too long christmas vacation, I can get things done around here again!!
We've been having VERY cold weather here in Florida and we've been spending the evenings cuddled under heavy crocheted blankets and snuggies!!
I may have to buy one for Bentley too!!
Whooo Whoo!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sea shells anyone??

I love sea shells and lately I have decided to add them to my decor.
I just think its nuts paying $10.00 a bag for seashells when I live in Florida!!
Lately it has been so cold here we can't even go to the beach!!!
When it gets warmer we'll venture out and collect some shells.
This is the centerpiece for my dining room table.
I love the flamesless candle!! They are amazing!!
QVC has some of the prettest flameless candles with timers!! Great for windows!!
So in 2010 I plan to add more shells to my tea cups and candles. Didn't I just post about reducing my clutter?!?!? LOL

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We've gone wireless....

Finally we have gone wireless!!
Since we moved here 6 years ago, the computer has been in the same spot!!
This year I wanted to put the tree in another location which meant moving the computer and placing my tree where I always wanted it!!
So we ran some wires and put the computer in the other corner away from the main living space.
Then we decided to use our router since oldest needed wifi for her ipod an now we have wifi throughout!!! I love it- we have wifi everywhere!!! No more wires and I can put my computer in the bathroom if I wanted !! LOL
Eventually we plan on getting a laptop(hopefully this year).
So my big tea party shelf has now moved in place where my tree will be for now on!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year....

A few holidays and 4 birthday later....
A new year is here and time to starty fresh and new.
I would love to lose a few pounds on myself and in my house!!
I love my treasures, but dusting isn't very fun!!
Every year after we take down the tree and christmas decorations I have this urge to declutter, but come next November the house is a wreck again!!
My habit of thrift storing doesn't help my clutter problem around here and I love to accumulate dish and tea cups as much as I love purses and jewelry!!
Honestly I don't know what I have more of!!!
But thrift store shopping is great because I find my treasures and I feel good about helping the cause wether its a charity or church!
My 1st goal is to take care of myself, declutter my life, and post more on my blog!!
I tend to neglect my blog.
Oh well....
so I am already thinking about valentines projects as I have noticed others have too on thier blogs too.
I plan to spend more time on my crafts this year since that is my outlet and I'll post them on my blog.
So with a new year brings promise and change and I promise to change!!
Now let's see how this all goes as the months go by and I am dusting my 20 or so new tea cups!!