Thursday, October 23, 2014

 I thought I would pop on over to my blog and post a few pictures.
Since I love fall so much, I have been busy crafting and decorating my home!
 Old Time Pottery had these sweet burlap pumpkins and mason jar for only 1.99!
Such a great deal!
And here is a small corner in the family room that is just so cozy and comfy!
Especially at night with a warm and snug blanket and candles all around!
Fall is so much fun!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wood wall on a budget and mini baking center

We wanted to do something different in the living wall.
We hiave high ceilings and this space really needing something to make it pop!
Hubby and I bought furring strips from Lowes for about 1.30 a piece, stained and
nailed the boards to the wall.
All this for under 30.00 !!
It is also where our Christmas tree usually goes. I know it is going to look great this year!

I also created a little baking station while I was up late one night!

Friday, January 3, 2014


Where do you get your inspiration from?
Blogs? Magazines? Pinterest?

I have always enjoyed reading blogs.
There are so many great one out there with
so many tips and tutorials.
I am always coming up with a honey do list for my guy!

Shanty to Chic

Is a great source of inspiration for me!
In fact here is my version of the wine rack they recently featured on their blog!
It looks amazing and I am so happy with it!
I even used the printables they have on the blog!
It was easy and fun to make!

Hubby put a new frame my old chalkboard and it looks great too!!

I have been wanted a lantern in my kitchen so hubs made this one for me for 6.00.
It looks great in the kitchen!!
This picture doesn't do it justice!!

Much of my inspiration has been from blogs and I am so happy with the end