Friday, January 8, 2010

pink, pink, pink and more pink..... going to store this time of the year!!
Yesterday we went to Marshalls and Ross and they have out all thier Valentines things!!
This is the stuff I wish they kept out all year round!!
I bought some scented sea shells yesterday and a pretty pink plate.
I have some unfinished projects needing attention and as soon as the kids go back to school from thier way too long christmas vacation, I can get things done around here again!!
We've been having VERY cold weather here in Florida and we've been spending the evenings cuddled under heavy crocheted blankets and snuggies!!
I may have to buy one for Bentley too!!
Whooo Whoo!!!!


Cherie said...

I like you. I think I'll follow you for a while. Happy Pink Saturday!

Gee said...

hi jennifer,

welcome to pink saturday. thanks for sharing your pinkies.

Nan said...

Nice to visit you. We in Alaska are having very mild weather while everyone else is getting our cold weather, what gives?

Self Sagacity said...

Happy Pink Saturday. The pinks are so lovely!