Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It is done!

Ohh...my floors are finished!! I am so excited- I feel like I am in a different house!

There are still a few small projects in the living room we need to fix-putting the surround speakers in the walls and just the small things that show.

I am seriously thinking about moving on to the kitchen now- we have the wood floors and although we still need a new fridge only- I am thinking we might paint our labinate cabinets and countertop. I have seen a few pics on the internet and I like the results. I am looking for new ideas without breaking the bank!!

I will post our journey on the kitchen if we do decide to paint!

Until then I am going around the house looking for more work for my poor tired hubby!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I have new floors!!!

I am so happy!!!

We finally got to put some hardwood floors down!!

Last weekend we finished the kitchen, dining room (Goodbye nasty dining room carpet)

and half the living room!!! This weekend we plan on finishing the rest of the living room.

I wanted the floor to continue in the foyer but hubby said no- leave the tile!! Ok!!!

So it was truelly amazing how much dirt was under the carpets! uhh.....

It makes the house look bigger and even cleaner. We must now decide what to do with the dark stained baseboards. They look nice, but need alot of work!! Either strip and restain or replace and stain or replace and paint. Not sure what to do yet!!

I'll be sure to post a pic when the living room is done- hopefully by Monday morning!!

It's been a busy summer with all 4 kids home and they go back to school in less than three weeks! I am so excited!! Back to computer time and crafting once again! Look out Michaels- here I come!!!!!