Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holidays and craft time

I am so thankful to be able to get my crafting done. Even with an infant in the house, I am able to work around the house and get things done. He is such a happy baby and only cries when he is hungry. I stick to a schedule of feedings and naps and he loves it.
When he is awake and we're not cuddling, I put him in his bouncy seat on the dining room table so he watch me and everyone else. He is sitting up and gets to be a part of our every day lives.
One project I worked on over the weekend is this adorable lampshade.
Featured here:
Isn't Jenny so creative?!?!??
Wish I had that talent.
The only thing is I used green wired lights because that's what I had at home, but I think I will replace them with white wired ones instead. Each is covered with fabric and lightly embellished.

I've also been working hard on my faux cupcakes. I am thinking about listing them on etsy after the holidays.
These here I made for myself as a christmas/birthday gift (Dec 30). See our family has 4 birthday the week of christmas and that can be very expensive- so I tell everyone not to get me anything...I already have everything I want!!!!
My oldest will be 15 December 26, I am December 30th and the twins are December 31st- New Years babies!!!
As much as I love pink, I have slowly been adding in other pastels as well. Blues and greens especially look great with pink!!

On another note.....being that my oldest daughter will be 15 she is now able to get her learners permit!!! I am so nervous about teaching her to drive and especially nervous about her driving on her own next year!!!!
Pray for our family and all the drivers in our town!!
Have a great week!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Come on in.....

Come on in and have a cup of tea with me.
We are all busy getting ready for holidays and hugging our sweet baby.
Don't you just love that newborn baby smell???
That's just one of the scents here you smell at our cottage. Most likely I am burning our Mistletoe Yankee candle or some other sweet scent.
I think tomorrow me and my girls will bake up some fun stuff. Cupcakes or cookies.
My little ones love to bake with Mommy!!!
We'll see what kind of sweet treats our loving kitchen will be filled with this weekend.
Off I go to hug all my babies!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is coming soon!!!

I can't believe we are so close to christmas! It seems like we just put away our tree and now we are decorating for a new season.
This year has been full of ups and downs and I am blessed to have a beautiful family and my first son!!
This time last year I would have never imagined I'd have a boy!!!
So we started decorating last Friday after thanksgiving and it usually takes us a few weekends to get it all done.
We have tons of stuff and there isn't enough room in the house to put it all up.
As usual my pink christmas tree goes up in the dining room each year and the ornament wreath I made last year as my table centerpiece.
I decorated this small table with a few items and as I went along I liked it more and more.
Most things are thrift store finds or Dollar Tree ornies.
This is our family tree. The christmas village is almost all up. I'd love to add some fake snow, but we have kittens so not sure how that would go!! We have many vintage ornaments and mementos on the tree as well. My favorite are those the kids bring home!! I love to decorate my kitchen cabinets with their christmas artwork and ornaments they make on the family tree.
We started on the outside and it is coming along very nicely!!
I really enjoyed blog hopping and looking at the lovely homes decorated for christmas!! Can't wait to see more!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let them be Little

I love photos of pics that capture their personality. The sweetness and innocence of a child.
I snapped this shot while at a Teddy Bear Picnic at our local library.
Madison was listening so carefully as a story was being read to the children.
Afterwards we went outside and ate lunch. It was a cool day, but very refreshing.

Another favorite photo is those cute bath shots. After we gave Matthew his bath and swaddled him in his blanket to dry, he fell asleep. He is always asleep!!!
He gets up at 1:30am for his feeding and then again at 5am and has been on this schedule since the 2nd day we brought him home.
Thank God!!!
After having 4 other kids at home, it sure is nice to get sleep at night with a newborn!!
I look forward to the holidays coming up and all the family photos and holiday theme pics I take of the kids!!
Have a great November weekend!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My precious treasure

My sweet and precious little man finally arrived.
Little Matthew was born October 12,2010
at 8:07am.
I have been enjoying him along with the rest of my kids the past 10 days.
It's amazing how much the girls love him!!! He is their sweet baby brother and
they adore him too.
I told my husband, "Sorry baby- I am in love with another man!"
I am so excited to have a son and look forward to the fun and enjoyment
he has and will bring for our whole family!!
We are blessed!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My tea cups

You can never have too many tea cups!!!
I have them all over my living room and dining room.
Many different styles and colors too.
Now I read a lot of blogs, so I know there are many people who have alot more than I do, but some day I will have even more.
I pick them up at thrift stores or garage sales and never pay more than a few dollars for a tea cup.
It is a hobby and I love when I find a new cup.
My little one likes tea parties with mama and she gets to pick out her cup and we have chocolate milk and chat about our day.
Those are the special times that I hope she remembers when she is an adult.
And maybe even pass along the fun to her own children!!!
Until then I'll enjoy every moment we have and love every minute!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My shower

So sorry I haven't been around much. I have been busy and very tired! Only 2 1/2 weeks until my little guy gets here and I am exhausted and ready for his birthday!
A few weeks ago....

My 4 beautiful daughters gave me such a nice shower! I was so thrilled to have many friends and family to our home!
We got everything we needed and then some. Our baby crib, bedding, a playpen, travel stroller, a diaper bag(from my girls) and many clothes and blankets.
This little one has enough clothes for the next couple years!!
My oldest and youngest daughters are here with me while we open the many many gifts.
My cutie hubby picked the cake! Isn't it the cutest?? Finally a BOY!!
I was in tears when he brought it home!!!
It was so much fun to have everyone gathered here. I didn't flip out about the mess and I was perfectly fine having 25+ people in the small living room!
Everything was perfect!!!
I have a great family!!!!
Thank God for my family and friends!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm still here!!!

Happy Saturday to all my blogger friends!
Yes I am still here and feeling alright.
Trying to get some small projects done around the house before our special
bundle of joy arrives in 2 more months!!
Just so you know, every project we do around here lately has only cost us between
20-50.00 !!! Yes that is it!!!!
When I say I am a thrifting queen...I mean it !!!
I finally got my new front door. A pretty french door from craigslist for only 30.00.
We painted it and here it is!!!
Changes the whole appearance of the front entry in and out!!!
The bead board we put up in the kitchen is from our dining room project where we purchased all the bead baord for only 25.00.
I decided to paint it a very light blue, in our of our baby son soon to arrive!!

My new door and new foyer floor. A brick pattern that goes very lovely with the wood floors through tout the house!!

So come on in our to our little home and have a cup of tea while enjoying the sounds of children playing and dogs barking!
Don't worry about wiping your feet, there are little footprints everywhere!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome Pink Saturday!!

Welcome back dear friends, to my little blog! We are so happy to see you here at whinenroses, a home full of whining kids and pretty roses!!
The above pic I just had to add on my post. It is of my baby girl who is now almost 5 years old!! She always wore pink and even today loves the color pink and a nice dress!
I've been looking all around my house lately and I can't help but think what will my little man, due in October, think of all my pink!! Maybe I should add my greens and aqua to my decor as well.
His crib colors will be green and brown as green is another favorite color of mine!

The above pretty plate was a thrift store find. Isn't it perfectly me?!? I wish I had the whole collection!!!
Thank you for stopping by and a VERY big thank you to Bev at
for hosting yet another successful pink Saturday!!!!
Have a happy weekend!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Few more finished projects

We've so busy around the house that I haven't posted !!
I like to take pics when my projects are complete and hate taking photos of my messy house.
Hubby has been working hard getting his honey do list I created for him finished. I just want a few small things done before the baby and the holidays are here again.
Our kitchen is getting there!! Although it will be a LONG time before I can call it finished- it is coming along.
The only appliance left to replace is my fridge and we need to do something with our cabinets and countertops.
We are thinking of putting up some beadboard as a backsplash and I might be able to get good old hubby to get it started this weekend providing our teenager is ready to work!!
All the once dark and drabby trim is painted in there and rosettes added to the pantry. I replaced the broken door with the curtain until I find the perfect door!!

Here is a view from my dining room, looking into my 2 butt kitchen. It is small space but we really can't lose a bedroom to expand the size of it. And you can see my -on the way out fridge!!

Another project finished ahead of schedule is the beadboard in the dining room.
We found an excellent deal on craigslist for 3 panels and a few half pieces of beadboard only 25.00 for all!!! We snatched it up and here it is!!! The dining room was done for under 50.00 including the new chair rail. I am so thrilled!!!
Can't wait to see how my christmas tree will look in there this year!!!

So off to my list once again..... seeing what needs to be done and already completed!!!
Have a great week!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pretty in Pink Saturday!!!

Thank you to our gracious host Beverly at
for another beautiful pink Saturday!!
It has been taking me nearly all week to stop by all the blogs
who participate in pink Saturday!!
There are so many creative and talented people out there!!!

Last week we spent Friday evening driving an hour away to pick up this sweet table and chairs set for my kids.
It was a craigslist find and I am so happy I found it!
My little one was quick to help decorate it with flowers and tea cups.
I think we'll have many tea parties here this summer!!!

Here is a pic from the corner of my dining room. I am still playing around with the setting and not sure what else I need here.I love the little lamp but I think it needs some height. I might decoupage a cardboard box here and prop it up. The candelabra was a thrift store find that I shabbied up!!!
This summer we have plans to add beadboard in the dining room. I can't wait!!!

So here we go...another summer.....another long, hot summer.
I will be spending my days at the library, making arts and crafts and entertaining many many kids!!!
Boy do I look forward to those summer nights in the pool.....
ahh...relaxation and fun!!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rebecca is Having a lovely giveaway

Please pop on over to visit Rebecca and see her amzing super duper givesway!
If you're anything like me, and love to drool over pretty pics of homes and creations, then you need to see this blog!!
I know I can be really bad and sit at my computer for too many hours daydreaming over blogs and pictures!!
In fact I don't even buy magazines much anymore as they seem to have the same homes over and over. So I sit here, browsing thru blogs and thinking what I can do next around my house!!!
Maybe I'll get some of the laundry done soon!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's a BOY!!!

We found out last week that our new addition in October is a BOY!!!!!!
I am so thrilled and super excited- I can't even put it into words!!!!!!
I found this adorable outfit and had to have it for our baby!
I will be buying alot blue and green outfits now instead of pink!!!!
So today....Maddie and I walked around the house and took some random pictures.
She loves to pose for the pics but often she stiffens up! What a doll!!!

We shot a pic of my WhinenRoses sign I bought on ebay about 4 yrs ago.
It is so sweet looking!!

Then we walked into the kitchen and got a pic of a tea set for one I had bought from Goodwill a few years back! Maybe someday I'll use it, but it so much more fun having tea with the little ones!!!
I was popping around on some blogs today and was reading about where people put all their stuff. Well mine is basically all around the house and I had some in the garage.
I decided to take over a small closet I have and this is what I have so far put in there!
eventually I will take the whole closet over!!
Space is definitely a issue in our house- with our large family, storage is a big problem!! Someday the kids will be grown and I'll have plenty of rooms for my treasures, but until then I have all the treasures I need sleeping and messing up those rooms I have!!
Big hugs,

Friday, May 28, 2010


Happy 2nd Birthday Pink Saturday!
Bev at
is hosting another beautiful Saturday packed with pink goodies and loveliness!!!
I love waking up each Saturday and pouring over the many pages of beautiful pink posts and pictures and I have made some nice friends too!!
Everyone is so creative ! I wonder if I am the only one who studies all the pictures and wishes I was in the middle of all that pink!!!
In case you don't know pink is my favorite color (along with green)!!
To celebrate this special occasion we baked some cupcakes and made special drinks. Ok- chocolate milk and whipped cream!! Yummy!!!
It even take better in my pink polka dot mug!!

We set the table .....

And welcomed in new and old friends to spend the beautiful weekend with!!
So come on in....the cookies are still warm and there is always a fresh cup of tea, or chocolate milk to be enjoyed with the best of company!!
Happy Birthday Pink Saturday!!
We love you!!!
P.S. We are posting early as Saturday AM my family and I are hosting a benefit garage sale/bake sale for our kitty Snap who needs surgury!
Wish us luck please!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Nervous and excited too!!!!
Tommorow I go for another sonogram and we should find out if the little bean is a boy or girl!!
I am very excited!!!
As soon as we find out- I will post to my blog!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Did I mention I hate my foyer floor?

As we are working around the house, something will get fixed and cleaned and other things happen!!! Bad things!!!
Like you find more work that needs to be done and more things need upgrading, which leads to more money!!!
The whole house has wood floors and I love them!! But my foyer....... now in my opinion it should all be matching. Hubby at first, didn't want to put the wood there because of the moisture by the door, but I guess my constant bickering about the floor is getting him to change his mind.
So now one weekend he will lift up the 2 layers of linolium and break the ceramic tile underneath, level the floor and put down the wood.
Now we run into a small problem.... I bought the floor at Sams Club last year and I need to make sure they still have it!!!
So thats my job right now.... off to Sams to find my floor and hope they still carry it!!!
I'll update you all on my adventures!!

So the weekend we finished up with touch ups and I got a great idea for the foyer doors. We have our front door and the garage door here and I wanted crown moulding, but as we all know that can be pricy.
So I - yes- me, myself and I- came up with the idea to make our own crown moulding for above the door.
At Lowes I bought 1"x 4 and the pretty blocks and we made our own.
How do you like them?

I think they add detail and a more custom look to the house.
After we finish the floor in the foyer, then I am on my way to find a new front door.
Going to any home improvement store would be too easy for me!!!
I am going to set off to save a few dollars and look on craigslist and thrift stores with building materials to find my perfect door!!
A beautiful door with an oval window !!!!
Can't wait to replace the door!!! I'm sure it will look great!!!!
So off I go to on my adventures of making our house a home!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday here at whinenroses.
Another fine weekend and I can not wait to surf all the lovely blogs to see all the pink pretties of the day!
Isn't this little book so sweet? It is written by the Dutchess of York Sarah Ferguson. I plan on putting together a little tea party with my little one and reading the story to her. We can dress up and eat some pink and white pastries and enjoy our chocolate milk!!

Here is a picture of the window in my dining room. I found the valance at a thrift store for 2.00 and fell in love with it. The sweet pink roses fit my decor so well. Had there been two available I probably would have put them in the little girls room.

Angels...angels....I have them all throughout my house. You can never have too many angels in your house!!!

I just love this pink glass bowl!! I found it at Goodwill for 5.00 and knew I had to have it!!
I don't know much about it, but if anyone does feel free to leave me a comment so I can start looking for other pieces like it at local thrift stores.
This week has been another hectic week. We are painting the trim around the whole house little by little. Only two of the bedroom were already done so we still have a few more rooms to go.
Our master bathroom and bedroom are finished, the small hall leading to the master, part of living room and the foyer are just about complete!! Yipee!!!
We only have the dining room, kitchen, living room, hallway, and 1 more bedroom and bathroom to finish!! Almost there!!!
I am getting so tired easily these days and we found out I am now 14 weeks along in my pregnancy. Hopefully next month or so we'll know if our new bundle of joy will be a boy or girl!!!
I am so excited!!!!
Well finally I would like to say a big Thank you to Beverly at
http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/ for allowing me to be a part of Pink Saturday!!!
I would love to be in it every week, but life has been a little crazy lately and I am trying to not spend as much time on the computer and more time on the house and with the kids before the new baby gets here!!!
Happy Saturday!!!
Love and hugs,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh what paint can do!!

Master Bath Before
Before pics Master Bath-
It's amazing what a little bit of paint can do!!!!
I have a small maste bathroom and I try to make it as cozy as possible.
I love the green walls- I have alot of green all over the house and the dark stain is orginal to my 1987 stucco home.
After many years of discussion about the dark trim we finally decided it was alot less time and money to just paint all the dark trim!!!
Right now with a new baby on the way two things we lack are time and money!! LOL
So now each weekend we (actually hubby) will tackle one room in the house and paint the trim and all the doors white.
It is so amazing what paint can do!!!
Here is the after pic of master bathroom!!

It looks so much brighter in there!!!!
I can't wait to finish all the rooms!!!

Little bit a time(the Arc wasn't built in day!) we will get each room done!!!
A house is a never ending array of projects!! Always something to be done and my house will never be finished!!!
For now I will just enjoy my bathroom since I have been spending alot of time in there this pregnancy!!
We hope to get my master bedroom done this weekend, but we may decide to hang out with friends instead....you know.....enjoy life.......
it's not all work......
we must play too!!!
Enjoy your playtime!!!