Friday, May 25, 2007

Last week of school... over!

Well I made it through the school year.
We had a fun week and today was our final day at the classroom.
Last Friday we had Build a Bear. christina's Mom was the wonderful parent
who organized the event and we had a great time!
Wednesday, our last day, we spent the afternoon in the sprinklers!
The kids had a great time and Megan and Mikayla were even fighting outside there.
I am sad it is over and I will miss my kids!

The kids

I love this picture. This was our Mothers Day picture 2007.
It took alot of hard work to get this together.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Michael!

Dear Michael had a busy birthday today!
Poor guy worked all day and then took Megan to her last baseball game this season.
She did great! She scored and got the game ball again and a trophy and an award for the Most Improved Player ! Go Megan!!
While that was going on Michelle had her 5th grade graduation!
She made Honor Roll and got an award for Safety Patrol! We are very proud of the girls!!
Tommorow is the last day for the twins and we are going to go in the sprinkler tommorow. They are all excited!
I am really looking forward to the three day weekend- I need the rest! We all do!
Then I only have four more days to go after that!!
The kids have been having fun on the slip and slide and I'll have some pictures to post hopefully by the weekend!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The evil monster strikes again......

If I break up one more fight tonight, then everyone in this house will
be crying! The kids fight all night long.
Even though it is Friday night- I gave the three little ones baths and sent them to
bed. At least I know Madison is sleeping!
Megan and Mikayla were just fighting over the remote!
Megan wanted to watch the Devil Rays game and Mikayla wanted to watch Hannanah Montana. Oh well... can't make everyone happy all the time!
Michelle has 5th grade graduation on Michaels birthday which also is the night of Megans last game! Oh what to do?!!? Michael says its not fair for either one of them to miss thier events, so we shall see!
It wa another crummy smokey day and the kids couldn't go outside this morning and by 2:00 they were jumping off the walls! We've been praticing for the end of year activities and we are going to sing We are the World. I know I am going to cry!!
Michelle has a rehearsal tommorow and Megan has a game so I'll be running in the afternoon!! Ta ta ....

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's only Wednesday

Made it half way thru the week! Everyone is exhausted! All the kids, teachers, all of us! Knowing we only have two weeks left is it I guess.
Madison is running around repeating everything!! I mean everything! She is too much!
I say she is going to be the life of the party!
Madison now knows how to climb up the bunkbeds~ I found her holding on to Megans bed! The when I tried to get her to come out of the kids room she says" Get out!"
She is talking more then some of the 3 yr olds in my class!! LOL
She also knows how to use the computer- we have PlayhouseDisney on the desk top and she recognizes it and pulls her little 24lb body up on the chair and clicks away with the mouse! She goes right to playhouse disney without any help from anyone!!
Michelle decided on track and volleyball for her school sports! I think she is excited about middle school but I am not!!
Megan and Mikayla are driving me nuts! I have to tell them to quit nagging me at school- I have many 16 others to tend to as well!
We have an end of year celebration on May 18th- almost like a graduation, but not allowed to be called a graduation!
Well off to make sure all the youngins are getting ready for bed!
Good night!!

Monday, May 7, 2007


I hate Mondays! Only 14 days left od school!
Madison said something today and I think it is
"happy" she just keeps walking around saying "happy"
It is so cute! she says so much!
We had a nice quiet weekend. Michelle finally cleaned her room and the closet and it only took the whole weekend!!
I am so glad it is done!
Mikayla told Megan last night to sleep in her own bed, she said "I had enough!"
I guess she told her!
Well I am really loving the smilebox for my scrapbooking!
I hope to get alot more done soon.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

You inspire me

The catcher...

Megan was chosen to be the catcher in this inning and she was so cute out there. As you can see the equipment is almost bigger than her!

The game ball

Here is Megan with the game ball she earned! She played a great game that day.
She hit the ball and sent in 2 other players! Everyone was cheering in the stands!
This game was played in April 2007.

Saturday morning

Megan had another game this morning, but they lost.
Megan did hit the ball on the first throw but unfortunately she was
tagged out before she made it to 1st base.
Oh well... they played a good game!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Hawaiian Luau night

The kids had a great time! We all went and I took some great pictures but there are still on my camera. I will try to go to Walgreens tommorow and download to the Cd.
Our class did a great presentation to Tiny Bubbles and the Lime in the Cocunut.
There was so much food and I think almost every family from our center was there!
I will post more about it when I post the pics so it will be easier to know what I am writting about.
Tommorow Megan has a baseball game and then that is it for the weekend! Nothing else!
I am so exhausted!
Mikayla and Madison are feeling so much better-
Mikayla was such a pain in the neck today in class. She was screaming and throwing a tantrum because we were all busy and the student volunteers were busy so no one could rub her back! She was frieking out! I was so upset with her!
Maybe its the antibiotics making her crazy!
Only 15 days left of school and all though I am very excited I will miss my kids in the class!
Its amazing how attached I got to them.
I will post more tommorow after Megans game! Hopefully they will win again! It is just so much fun out there! And the pictures I have on the camera there are a few with Megan as the catcher and the cather outfit is way big on her!
Ta ta until tommorow!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Almost Friday

Today Madison said another word, "Bananna!!" Actually it was more like "nana" but close enough.She loves her banannas!
Today I worked late and so Megan and Mikayla were at school all day, but they don't care much! Megan was a little whiny today and she nearly punched Derrick! Oh well...
Mikayla is such a snot, she has her circle of friends- Catrina, Sabrina and Brianna and she wont let anyone else in. Boy she would have made me cry if I was in pre-k with her!
Well tommorow is the luau and we need to practice. The song we are doing tommorow night is
"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho. The girls will have leis and the boys are going to blow bubbles.It will be so cute!
We found out today that on our last day of school May 25 we need to have the portable and packed up! We are all like- no way! How are we supposed to get that done with 16 kids running crazy in there!! Oh ... so glad it is almost over!
I told Mr. Miller he needs to ask for Megan's 1st day of kindergarten off so he can be there to walk her to class! Megan just adores him!
Michelle wants her own blog! Yeah right!!! TFFB! (She knows what that means) LOL
Michelle had dance class tonight and she is getting ready for the recital! I will be happy when thats over too!!
Well... I need to buzz Michaels hair off so I think I am done posting for tonight!
Good night!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Whine part

Here is reason number 4 our home is called Whinenroses!

added video

I added the muppets video because one day I played the mahna mahna.... and Madison
now sings it. If we say "mahna" she goes...doo doo do doo.....mahna~
So this is for Madison.

This week in the crazy house!

Ok- here is a brief summary of all events going on with the family.
Megan and Mikayla have a family night our event this Friday at thier school.
We are having a Luau. We are so excited and the kids will have a great time.
Saturday Megan has another game and as of today thier record is 12-1-1.
We can believe how great her team is doing and how fast Megan is learning to play.
Madison was sick again, but she is feeling much better.
She is repeating words we say and each day a new word is being added to her vocabulary.
The other day Mikayla and I were playing the Lime in the Cocunut song from youtube, and the there is a part that says "Doctor!" and Madison was singing "Doctor!" It is so cute!
Then one day she was putting her binky down my shirt and I said "oh booby" and now Madison goes around saying "booby" and will try to put her binky down my shirt.
I asked her where are her boobies and she looked down her own shirt! She is such a doll!!
Michelle has another recital in June and she is only in the hip hop but she still has to go to rehearsels and dance classes every Thursday. Michelle is getting ready for middle school.
She brought home her mid term progress report and had all A's, well she did have 1 B, but we are very proud of her. She plans on trying out for the cheerleading team, next week are try outs. I think she'll make it! Then she wants to take track too, but I think thats another season.
The twins last day of school is May 25 and Michelle's is May 30 and mine is June 1.
I am so excited aboiut school ending and having the time off. It has been a very difficult year for me and next school year I plan on only substituting. The kids have been sick alot and it's not fair to my class or the Mrs.Alequin all the times I am gone.
May 18th the kids have an end of year celebration at school and May 22 is Michaels birthday. Megan has a baseball game that day, her last game, and so we are doing something for Michael that Saturday. He has been wanting to go to Maragaritaville for some time now so we plan on taking him there on the 26th.
Megan, Mikayla and Madison are in the play room right now and Madison is getting into trouble with them. She really loves being on the trampoline and runs across it like nothing!

I just started a new blog

I am starting a new blog in the hopes of better communicating with family and friends
across the US. I am new to this blog thing and I guess I will learn more as the time goes by.