Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simple Fall Seasons Display

I wanted to throw together something sinply with what I already had on hand. I dug out the tea pot added some greenery from around my property. The filler is just coffee beans. Oh they smell so good when we walk by! I found these super huge acorns from Family Dollar for only 1.00.
I suppose I could use this for winter or christmas as well and maybe add some red berries as the filler!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New favorite candles!

I am in love with all the new candles in the Pottery barn catalog this season !!
So rather then spending the family food budget on candles- I made my own!!
And the best part is- they were FREE!!!

I found a great pile of free fire wood and some of the trees happened to be birch, which I REALLY wanted and so I took a few pieces, goold ole hubby cut them up into small pieces and drilled out the top for tea lights! There you have it- absolutely FREE!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who loves a good fall mantle linky party???
I sure do!
I could spend many many hous blogging around and drooling at my laptop!
 This year since I have a whole new decor, I needed to find all new things to use around my home.
The past few years I had pink pumpkins! Well not this year!!
I love the new look in the house and I know the rest of family does too!!
 I asked the kids to help me decorate for halloween, but they have been so busy!
So we have a moe theme right now and hopefully this weekend, we can do some halloweening
around the house! LOL
I am linking up to:
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Happy Fall my friends!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Love old sweater!

I spend way too much time studying my Pottery Barn catalogs and pinterest! If only I studied this much for school !! I find some of the prettiest things, but so expensive! I could feed my family for a week for what one item cost! Thanks to pinterest and they many many creative bloggers out there, it is so easy to get the look you want for pennies!!
One awesome thing I noticed lately is the old sweater repurposing projects! I love the look for fall and winter so decided to see what I could do.
A trip to the local Goodwill and I found the lamp, first a bluish color, I repainted it silver and found an old sweater for a few dollars and covered the shade. It is not perfect, as I am not good at covering lamps, but this is my first!
With some of the left over sweater sleeve I covered the glass candle holder I bought from the Dollar Tree.  The jar of pinecones is a actually a pickle jar!!
A few weeks earlier my grandmother and I made the sweater pillows. The look great too!!
I used the left over sleeves from the sweater pillows and made the glass covers for my Dollar Tree candle holders for the mantle.
We live in the south so it doesn't get too cold, but I like to be snuggly and comfy during the fall and winter months. I feel like this helps me to achieve this, since we don't get the very cold weather which makes it feel more like winter! Not that I am complaining, I can't even drive in the rain, let alone snow!! So no snow for us is a good thing!!! LOL
Stay safe and warm my friends!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall in the den

Fall at our house is always so much fun!
There is always so much to do. We have fun decorating inside and out. The kids will decorate for halloween where I like to decorate for fall.

The fall season is also the kick off of the birthday season at our house as well. My baby boy will be 2 in a few more days! November my baby girl will be 6, and after that we have 4 birthdays the week of christmas! I love fall because it begins the holidays, without the stress yet!
Time for cozy candles, pumpkin picking and apple cider.
My how I love fall !