Thursday, January 21, 2010

Because I love Birthdays.....

Well maybe not my own so much!! But I love the kids birthdays!!
I get so excited- I make them t-shirts, cupcakes and special cupcake toppers for them almost every year!!
The first to kick out the birthday season in Miss Madison.
Her birthday is November 6th and she officially kicks off the birthday festivities in out house!
This year I made the cake, cupcakes, her special t-shirt and the crown.
A few years ago I came across a lovely blog
where she gave a tutorial for making the lovely crowns!! Well my girls love them and I make them every special event now!!

So after a LONG month in December of christmas parties, recitals, gift exchanges, parades, holiday gift giving, and dinners.....
December 26th is my oldest Michelle's birthday!!
She loves it!! She gets double the gifts and tons of attention right after christmas!! She turned 14 this year, I am still trying to accept that!!! LOL

Then my own day...December 30th. This picture is last years since this year I did not let them take my pic(I gained a few pounds and not very proud of myself).... frown frown.....anyway...... I usually get a cheesecake from my dear husband as he knows how much I love it and we get a tired of cake because....

The very next the twins birthdays!!
That's right- December 31th
born 10:30 and 10:31pm they are our new year eve babies!!
The day I went into labor the nurses wanted to wait to deliver them at midnight, but Dr said- no way!! They are coming now!!
My water broke at 8:00pm while everyone in the family was partying-LOL and off we went to the hospital. Thier story is very interesting...but I'll save that for another day!
So as you can, we keep awfully busy in December. And this year rather than throwing childrens parties in which you don't know who will come because not everyone RSVP these days, and not having to destroy my already a mess castle- we choose to take the family to Disney on new years this year( which again is another long story- to someday follow)....
I was so busy this year- I didn't even post any of the birthdays!!
So yes we do have birthdays....and yes....I am exhausted by January1st!!!
Can't wait for it all to begin again in 2010!!!

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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

you look beautiful!! what a few pounds right? j/k i know how frustrating it is to put weight on especially during the holidays!! my belly is showing proof right now:(

your girls look so happy at their parties! and oh my, dec. IS a BUSY month for you! i am a dec. 22 bday myself!!