Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year....

A few holidays and 4 birthday later....
A new year is here and time to starty fresh and new.
I would love to lose a few pounds on myself and in my house!!
I love my treasures, but dusting isn't very fun!!
Every year after we take down the tree and christmas decorations I have this urge to declutter, but come next November the house is a wreck again!!
My habit of thrift storing doesn't help my clutter problem around here and I love to accumulate dish and tea cups as much as I love purses and jewelry!!
Honestly I don't know what I have more of!!!
But thrift store shopping is great because I find my treasures and I feel good about helping the cause wether its a charity or church!
My 1st goal is to take care of myself, declutter my life, and post more on my blog!!
I tend to neglect my blog.
Oh well....
so I am already thinking about valentines projects as I have noticed others have too on thier blogs too.
I plan to spend more time on my crafts this year since that is my outlet and I'll post them on my blog.
So with a new year brings promise and change and I promise to change!!
Now let's see how this all goes as the months go by and I am dusting my 20 or so new tea cups!!

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Lori said...

Ohhh, Jenn, Disney!!! I would love to be there right now, this very second! To me Disney is a happy place to be! I was also in the mood to declutter! I started on one cupboard in the kitchen and now have one left! But today I decided I needed to work on downsizing my Christmas things. This is really hard cause I have so much from my Mom's and tend to pick up some new and vintage each year! This after X-mas I decided to pick up some aqua to do aqua, red and blue on my porch next holiday! Snowmen too! Always the planner! Well have a fun Jan., I too want to craft more. Later,Lori