Saturday, June 30, 2007

What my living room REALLY looks like....

Well here it is! This is what thi place looks like most days! The kids turn the sofa into a big fort!! All my throw pillows are actually thrown!!!
They have fun, but they MUST clean it up wheh finished!!
You're only a kid once!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

My new hobby....

I made this cute fairy jar with Madison's picture! I plan on making one for everyone of the children as well. This was my 1st practice one!!
I love the way it came out- the picture doesn't do it justice!

Grease? 1988

This is a picture of myself on the left and little sister Sabrina in 1988.
We look like we are on our way to the auditions for "Grease" LOL

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just another pink column

Pink table

See what happens when I get bored!!

I just want to sit and have tea~

Here is a little spot I created in the living room. A nice place to place my tea cup during my afternoon tea with the joyful sounds of doors slamming, music blasting, and the ever so pleasant sound of the Teletubbies in the background!
Thats what my house is like! Poor Madison broke all her Teletubbies tapes and I am on a mission to fond more- anywhere and everywhere!!
Madison is feeling much better- thank you to all who prayed! We think she was jsut teething as she has some new molars in back! I gave the kid so much Gatorade I think she was ready to float away. I truelly believe by keeping her so well hydrated helped to get rid of the fever!! I must have given her a gallon in 2 days!!
Michelle misses dance class and is having a very restful summer with her friends and family here at home!
Mikayla started in today sniffly and sneezy! No fever- thank God- hopefully just allergies!
Megan misses her friends from school and baseball.
We are having a very restful summer- a much need rest time!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Prayers please!

Little Madison had a fever again yesterday and this morning she has a slight fever of 99.2 so please let's all pray she doesn't have any seizures!
She looks great is playing with her sisters. I hope she gets over whatever she has!!
She says so many words. This morning she tried to say- Michelle, Mikayla and ever Megan.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Making a house a Home!

We have come to realize it takes alot to make a house a home!
Not necessarily alot of money, but alot of time, love and creativity.
Recycling items is a great way to make the best of what you have.
Last year we bought a beautiful victorian looking screen door from Lowes for only 20.00, however it could not take the abuse from kids slamming it and dogs ramming into it so it did not make it to this summer. We took the gingerbread and spindles off the screen door and painted them to match the trim on the house and Michael put them up! They look great! Most of the house look similiar around here so its great to add a little something more for extra charm and character. Eventually we will be adding spindles too.

This girl has style

A few weeks ago I saw Madison setting up for a tea party in the living room.
She did it all by herself. I just flipped! I love tea parties!
She set out all her cups, teapots, and dishes too.
So I sat down and joined her for a cup of tea and chance to make fond memories with my baby, for they are only so little for such a short time, we must savor each moment in time!

My scrapping spot

Here is a little chest of drawers we got for free from my grandmothers friend.
It is actually a macthing piece to the desk here in the living room and another piece we have to the left of that! It is green and I kind of like the green, makes for a shabby look.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Link to my album

One of my favorite tables

This is one of my favorite tables I have set up in the house!
The table is a three legged wooden table I got off freecycle, the cloth is one I've had many years and the quilt on top is from a thrift store- I found it for 3.00.
The beautiful tea cup was a gift from my dear gazebo sister Brenda and just last week I found the little piece behind it for only 75 cents. What a match!!
So I basically put it all together for under 5.00! Now thats thrifty!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thrift store days

One thing I enjoy about being home is I finally have the time to go thrift store shopping! I can't believe some of the treasures I find for pennies!
Here is a silver candy dish I found for 60 cents. It will be great at a tea party!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I guess I can "girl up" anything!!

Thats what my dear Michael always says. I know how to girl up anything!!
I am working on a few projects and I hope to get some pictures posted tommorow.
Tonight I will be at the theather all night with Michelle so tommorow I need to get some new pics added!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Madison spoke yet another word today.
We were in the living room and here she is fighting with Megan.
She yanks away Megan's cup and clearly demands, "MINE!"
Then when we realized it was actually Megans cup we took it away and once again
appeared the Terrible Twos Monster! She threw herself down on the ground and screamed! Oh how I love this stage!!
Mikayla and Megan went to Vacation Bible School today and they loved it!
Jacob is there too and so they were happy to see him and he was very happy as well.
Michelle's show is Friday and Saturday and then it is over!!
I am volunteering Wednesday and Friday!
Last year when I volunteered I was in the dressing room with Mikayla and Michelle and the AC broke, three kids puked and it was horrible!! I signed up for something easy this year!! LOL

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Time for home once again....

I love being home!!
I have actually had some time to get things done around the house again.
I have been thrift store shopping again and found some great deals.
Soon I will get some pictures posted on my lasted projects and finds.
I guess it is easier to talk about the projects once I have pics posted~

Anyway.... the kids are doing great! Today they went swimming again and
yes Megan and Mikayla had a huge fight! It seems to be the same every day!
Madison was caught streaking the girls again this morning! She just doesn't like wearing clothes I guess.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summer....oh yeah!

Summer has began and everyone is home! Except Michael who gets to get away for work!
The kids are enjoying being home and Madison loves having her sisters around.
She has in fact started showing interst in potty training. She takes off her diaper when it is wet and loves to hand it us full of poop! I put the potty chair in the bathroom and she sits on it but no luck yet- I guess she has to make the connection!
She will- very soon too I know~
We also figured out she is a Reba fan! We watch the show nearly everyday and as soon as the intro comes on she stops what she is doing and runs in to hear the song!!
Very cute! She is also a very big Teletubbies fan (thanks to Grandma Wolfe to sending down all those tapes a few years back!) Maddie watches them everyday- she is glued to them!! She even walks around saying- Oh oh!!
We got the kids a mice sized pool this year and so between that and the trampoline they are very happy kids and we get to spend alot of time outside! I plan on adding a sandbox to the yard this week as well. Michelle's friend said, "Your yard is like a park!"
I say even better!! Gotta keep them kids busy!
Michelle has her big recital in less than two weeks- I can not wait for this to be over! LOL