Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our Bedroom-nearly done!!

I am so excited to have our master bedroom near completion!
It took many back breaking, long hours to remove three layers of wallpaper border. We tried one wallpaper removal and didn't work- we tried another which did work much better but it took a very long time to peel off the last layer. Finally it is almost done however there are still many imperfections and I think crown molding may be the answer!! That is for another weekend.
Poor Michael worked harder on his three day off then he does at work!
There are still some details I'd like to add.
The furniture took me three days to finish as well. The first I sanded, and painted all the pieces, the next day was touch ups and third day I put on a clear coat of
Valspar clear protector.
I am very happy with it and it was the first major project I took on all by myself!!

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