Thursday, September 6, 2007

Angels amoung us....

I bought this beautiful angel statue at a church thrift shop for only 8.00!!
It is so pretty- I wanted to put it outside but I fear it might get ruined out there.
I just had to share this as my baby Maddie loves this statue very much too!
I just find that very special.

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Shirlee said...

Hi, I've visited your blog a few times but this is the first comment I've left. I'm pretty sure I found you through the Sampler board.
Anywho's, your angel statue is a real find and I can't get over the price. Our decorating tastss are very opposite but I wanted to comment on all the great work you and your DH have done. Your home is very pretty yet has a calming and relaxed feel. I really like what you've done in the bathroom. Isn't trim great? It can hide so much as well as "beef" up anything lacking in pizzazz.
Oh and I enjoy seeing all your thrifted finds and makeovers. I'm a big thift store junkie too.