Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Whats on top of your fridge????

For a while there the top of the fridge was unnavigated territory!!
Two years ago while pondering what to put on the top of my kitchen cabinets I offically moved to romantic decor. I placed plates and tea cups and all sorts of pretties on the tops of the cabinets- so I after I scrubbed the top of the dust bunny decorated fridge I put even more pretties up there. I bought the cake stand at Michaels and often use it for my pink cupcakes- then I filled the large basket with my favorite roses!!
Gone are the days of wondering what could possibly be at the top of the fridge- now I just have to keep cleaning it!!!


Cottage said...

Jenn, I'm Tagging you! Read about it on my blog. Hugs, Melissa

Terri said...

The new fridge is built in with a wall on one side and cupboards above and on the other side. So the only thing on top of it right now is dust that can't be easily gotten to! LOL