Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mama I'm a Big Girl Now!!!!

No more baby!!
She ofically moved into her big girl bed!!!
What a transition!!!
When I asked her this morning if she liked her big girl bed she said NO!!!
Oh well.... she will adjust and before long she will love it!!


Cottage said...

Jenn, can't believe she is in a Big Girl Bed! She is such a pretty little girl; her smile is contagious and I bet it pulls at Mommy and Daddy's heart-strings. Melissa

Terri said...

Did she say no because she means "no"or just cause she likes to say "no". That is the question!
Is she staying in the bed? We had little visitors for weeks after we switched to big boy beds! Just little faces peeking at us one more time to say good night....such sweet memories, but so aggravating at the time! LOL