Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've been tagged

Here are 7 things about me!!
I really don't know too mant people in the blogging world so I'm really not sure who to tag- but I will list 7 things about me!!
1. I love Savannah, GA!!
I read the story "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and saw the movie a million times!! About 7 years ago my husband and I visited Savannah, GA and I love the city!!
And if you look carefully at my kitchen pics I have a statue of the lady in cemetary from a scene in the movie!!!
2. I read mysteries!!
As a child I was a big fan of Nancy Drew and as an adult I read more suspence thrillers like John Saul. I just love to read but sadly have little time for it now!!
3. I took tap and ballet when I was three years old. Just like one of my own babies!! Except I was only there for a few months and my nickname was chatterbox!!!
Who would have guessed!!!
4. My teenage crush was Donnie Walberg from New Kids on the Block!!
Oh how I loved them!!!
5. I only drink soda from a glass. Unless I have absolutely no choice at all- I will only drink soda from a glass- I hate cans!!
6. I have been to the twin towers twice!!
Never been to Ground Zero, however I did visit the World Trade CEnter twice. Once in 1986 and again in the early 1990s. I was deathly afraid in the elevator going up 110 stories and nearly had a panic attack while standing outside trying to look up to the top of the building- I was so afraid it would come falling down on me!!!
7. The song "Rainbow Connection" still makes me cry!!
For some unexplainable reason as a child Kermits "Rainbow Connection" made me cry and it still does to this day!!!

So there it is!!
If you read this and would like to participate in the tag- please leave me a coment. I don't even know how to tag people!! How sad am I!!!
This was fun- thanks for thinking of me Melissa!!!

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Kether said...

I sing rainbow connection to Liam all the time. I cry with it, too. There's a great Sarah McLauglin version of it, too.
I LOVED midnight in the garden of good and evil and have always wanted to go since reading it.