Thursday, September 6, 2007

Always busy

I just can't seem to slow down!! I am always working on something!
I painted this old tv stand- a light pink and added some pretties.
The frame I found at the thrift store for 50cents so I painted that and added the lace and pearls. The birdcage was also a thrift store find around a dollar I think!! I painted it pink and added the roses.
Most of the kids are gone all day so the house is fairly quiet. The baby and I are enjoying our mommy and me time together!
They grow up so fast!! Before you know it you are sending them to middle school!!
I was pulled into girl scouts once again. I will be leading Mikayla's daisy troop and I have alot of fun parties planned!! A teddy bear tea, ice cream social and many craft parties!!
I am excited about the time Mikayla and I will be spending together!!

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Marilyn said...

Jenn, I love all the little touches you come up with for your home. You are so creative and you make everything look so pretty!