Wednesday, May 2, 2007

This week in the crazy house!

Ok- here is a brief summary of all events going on with the family.
Megan and Mikayla have a family night our event this Friday at thier school.
We are having a Luau. We are so excited and the kids will have a great time.
Saturday Megan has another game and as of today thier record is 12-1-1.
We can believe how great her team is doing and how fast Megan is learning to play.
Madison was sick again, but she is feeling much better.
She is repeating words we say and each day a new word is being added to her vocabulary.
The other day Mikayla and I were playing the Lime in the Cocunut song from youtube, and the there is a part that says "Doctor!" and Madison was singing "Doctor!" It is so cute!
Then one day she was putting her binky down my shirt and I said "oh booby" and now Madison goes around saying "booby" and will try to put her binky down my shirt.
I asked her where are her boobies and she looked down her own shirt! She is such a doll!!
Michelle has another recital in June and she is only in the hip hop but she still has to go to rehearsels and dance classes every Thursday. Michelle is getting ready for middle school.
She brought home her mid term progress report and had all A's, well she did have 1 B, but we are very proud of her. She plans on trying out for the cheerleading team, next week are try outs. I think she'll make it! Then she wants to take track too, but I think thats another season.
The twins last day of school is May 25 and Michelle's is May 30 and mine is June 1.
I am so excited aboiut school ending and having the time off. It has been a very difficult year for me and next school year I plan on only substituting. The kids have been sick alot and it's not fair to my class or the Mrs.Alequin all the times I am gone.
May 18th the kids have an end of year celebration at school and May 22 is Michaels birthday. Megan has a baseball game that day, her last game, and so we are doing something for Michael that Saturday. He has been wanting to go to Maragaritaville for some time now so we plan on taking him there on the 26th.
Megan, Mikayla and Madison are in the play room right now and Madison is getting into trouble with them. She really loves being on the trampoline and runs across it like nothing!

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