Thursday, May 3, 2007

Almost Friday

Today Madison said another word, "Bananna!!" Actually it was more like "nana" but close enough.She loves her banannas!
Today I worked late and so Megan and Mikayla were at school all day, but they don't care much! Megan was a little whiny today and she nearly punched Derrick! Oh well...
Mikayla is such a snot, she has her circle of friends- Catrina, Sabrina and Brianna and she wont let anyone else in. Boy she would have made me cry if I was in pre-k with her!
Well tommorow is the luau and we need to practice. The song we are doing tommorow night is
"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho. The girls will have leis and the boys are going to blow bubbles.It will be so cute!
We found out today that on our last day of school May 25 we need to have the portable and packed up! We are all like- no way! How are we supposed to get that done with 16 kids running crazy in there!! Oh ... so glad it is almost over!
I told Mr. Miller he needs to ask for Megan's 1st day of kindergarten off so he can be there to walk her to class! Megan just adores him!
Michelle wants her own blog! Yeah right!!! TFFB! (She knows what that means) LOL
Michelle had dance class tonight and she is getting ready for the recital! I will be happy when thats over too!!
Well... I need to buzz Michaels hair off so I think I am done posting for tonight!
Good night!

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KDMOO99 said...

Thanks for the update. Good luck with the packing. Lol