Friday, May 4, 2007

Hawaiian Luau night

The kids had a great time! We all went and I took some great pictures but there are still on my camera. I will try to go to Walgreens tommorow and download to the Cd.
Our class did a great presentation to Tiny Bubbles and the Lime in the Cocunut.
There was so much food and I think almost every family from our center was there!
I will post more about it when I post the pics so it will be easier to know what I am writting about.
Tommorow Megan has a baseball game and then that is it for the weekend! Nothing else!
I am so exhausted!
Mikayla and Madison are feeling so much better-
Mikayla was such a pain in the neck today in class. She was screaming and throwing a tantrum because we were all busy and the student volunteers were busy so no one could rub her back! She was frieking out! I was so upset with her!
Maybe its the antibiotics making her crazy!
Only 15 days left of school and all though I am very excited I will miss my kids in the class!
Its amazing how attached I got to them.
I will post more tommorow after Megans game! Hopefully they will win again! It is just so much fun out there! And the pictures I have on the camera there are a few with Megan as the catcher and the cather outfit is way big on her!
Ta ta until tommorow!!

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KDMOO99 said...

Can't wait for the pictures. I need some new ones to show everybody.