Friday, May 11, 2007

The evil monster strikes again......

If I break up one more fight tonight, then everyone in this house will
be crying! The kids fight all night long.
Even though it is Friday night- I gave the three little ones baths and sent them to
bed. At least I know Madison is sleeping!
Megan and Mikayla were just fighting over the remote!
Megan wanted to watch the Devil Rays game and Mikayla wanted to watch Hannanah Montana. Oh well... can't make everyone happy all the time!
Michelle has 5th grade graduation on Michaels birthday which also is the night of Megans last game! Oh what to do?!!? Michael says its not fair for either one of them to miss thier events, so we shall see!
It wa another crummy smokey day and the kids couldn't go outside this morning and by 2:00 they were jumping off the walls! We've been praticing for the end of year activities and we are going to sing We are the World. I know I am going to cry!!
Michelle has a rehearsal tommorow and Megan has a game so I'll be running in the afternoon!! Ta ta ....

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