Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's only Wednesday

Made it half way thru the week! Everyone is exhausted! All the kids, teachers, all of us! Knowing we only have two weeks left is it I guess.
Madison is running around repeating everything!! I mean everything! She is too much!
I say she is going to be the life of the party!
Madison now knows how to climb up the bunkbeds~ I found her holding on to Megans bed! The when I tried to get her to come out of the kids room she says" Get out!"
She is talking more then some of the 3 yr olds in my class!! LOL
She also knows how to use the computer- we have PlayhouseDisney on the desk top and she recognizes it and pulls her little 24lb body up on the chair and clicks away with the mouse! She goes right to playhouse disney without any help from anyone!!
Michelle decided on track and volleyball for her school sports! I think she is excited about middle school but I am not!!
Megan and Mikayla are driving me nuts! I have to tell them to quit nagging me at school- I have many 16 others to tend to as well!
We have an end of year celebration on May 18th- almost like a graduation, but not allowed to be called a graduation!
Well off to make sure all the youngins are getting ready for bed!
Good night!!

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