Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Michael!

Dear Michael had a busy birthday today!
Poor guy worked all day and then took Megan to her last baseball game this season.
She did great! She scored and got the game ball again and a trophy and an award for the Most Improved Player ! Go Megan!!
While that was going on Michelle had her 5th grade graduation!
She made Honor Roll and got an award for Safety Patrol! We are very proud of the girls!!
Tommorow is the last day for the twins and we are going to go in the sprinkler tommorow. They are all excited!
I am really looking forward to the three day weekend- I need the rest! We all do!
Then I only have four more days to go after that!!
The kids have been having fun on the slip and slide and I'll have some pictures to post hopefully by the weekend!

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