Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh what paint can do!!

Master Bath Before
Before pics Master Bath-
It's amazing what a little bit of paint can do!!!!
I have a small maste bathroom and I try to make it as cozy as possible.
I love the green walls- I have alot of green all over the house and the dark stain is orginal to my 1987 stucco home.
After many years of discussion about the dark trim we finally decided it was alot less time and money to just paint all the dark trim!!!
Right now with a new baby on the way two things we lack are time and money!! LOL
So now each weekend we (actually hubby) will tackle one room in the house and paint the trim and all the doors white.
It is so amazing what paint can do!!!
Here is the after pic of master bathroom!!

It looks so much brighter in there!!!!
I can't wait to finish all the rooms!!!

Little bit a time(the Arc wasn't built in day!) we will get each room done!!!
A house is a never ending array of projects!! Always something to be done and my house will never be finished!!!
For now I will just enjoy my bathroom since I have been spending alot of time in there this pregnancy!!
We hope to get my master bedroom done this weekend, but we may decide to hang out with friends instead....you know.....enjoy life.......
it's not all work......
we must play too!!!
Enjoy your playtime!!!


stefanie said...

how cute you made it cuter because you are in there so much, poor thing.
love the shower curtain

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Love the redo! So pretty! I know owning a house is a never ending chore and a never ending remodel!!

CottageBliss said...

Jenn, love your blogs new look and your new bathroom is beautiful!

Lori said...

I completely get you! Next week I am going to buy four cans of white, two separate types. I have dreamed of the kitchen white and also the inside of my bedrooms double doors! To me white lets me play away, probably why I adore milk glass so much! Take care, Lori

vickie said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your bathroom looks so pretty, I know you will love having all the trim painted white. Take care, don't