Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday here at whinenroses.
Another fine weekend and I can not wait to surf all the lovely blogs to see all the pink pretties of the day!
Isn't this little book so sweet? It is written by the Dutchess of York Sarah Ferguson. I plan on putting together a little tea party with my little one and reading the story to her. We can dress up and eat some pink and white pastries and enjoy our chocolate milk!!

Here is a picture of the window in my dining room. I found the valance at a thrift store for 2.00 and fell in love with it. The sweet pink roses fit my decor so well. Had there been two available I probably would have put them in the little girls room.

Angels...angels....I have them all throughout my house. You can never have too many angels in your house!!!

I just love this pink glass bowl!! I found it at Goodwill for 5.00 and knew I had to have it!!
I don't know much about it, but if anyone does feel free to leave me a comment so I can start looking for other pieces like it at local thrift stores.
This week has been another hectic week. We are painting the trim around the whole house little by little. Only two of the bedroom were already done so we still have a few more rooms to go.
Our master bathroom and bedroom are finished, the small hall leading to the master, part of living room and the foyer are just about complete!! Yipee!!!
We only have the dining room, kitchen, living room, hallway, and 1 more bedroom and bathroom to finish!! Almost there!!!
I am getting so tired easily these days and we found out I am now 14 weeks along in my pregnancy. Hopefully next month or so we'll know if our new bundle of joy will be a boy or girl!!!
I am so excited!!!!
Well finally I would like to say a big Thank you to Beverly at for allowing me to be a part of Pink Saturday!!!
I would love to be in it every week, but life has been a little crazy lately and I am trying to not spend as much time on the computer and more time on the house and with the kids before the new baby gets here!!!
Happy Saturday!!!
Love and hugs,


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I agree with you that you can never have enough or too many angels and yours are sweeties!!
I have 2 pieces that match your bowl that I bought at different yard sales.
Not long ago and someone's blog out there I saw the same pieces and they said they were Mikasa!
I have no idea though but they were PINK and I loved them as I do yours!

Linda said...

So pretty and PINK! Love that bowl and will check out what Debbie said about them being Mikasa!

Jacalyn @ said...

Lovely pinks! Congrats on your new "bundle of joy."

Happy PS,

Elaine said...

wonderful pinks for today and congratulations on the coming of a new little one. My grand daughter expects in August.

A mother has to do what makes her family happy and herself.

take care..

Susie Jefferson said...

It's definitely all looking good so far - just be careful not to overdo and tire yourself out. It's easy to get carried away when you've a paintbrush in hand, lol. Love that pink bowl, really pretty and so unusual.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Our Back Porch said...

The book by Fergie looks wonderful! Have a lovely weekend. Happy Pink Saturday....a little late.

Back Porch Blessings,

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Jenn! LOVE that pretty glass bowl! Hope you and Baby are doing well! Get your rest when you need it, and take care of you both! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend! ~tina

shabbyrosetreasures said...

Hello sweet friend I think you might be my long lost sister...I stay at home, decorate on a dime and clean all day...however, I do have flea market booths 2 keep me even busier. I love your blog and I tried to find a spot to follow you but my kids are jumping on me so I will have to come back. Don't be a stranger I have lots more pink goodies to share with you!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

love your bowl.. such a pretty one you found! love it! so pinky.. Happy PS!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Such pretty pinks you've shared. I especially love that ruffled edge bowl!

Thanks for stopping by and entering my little giveaway ~ good luck to you!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents