Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm still here!!!

Happy Saturday to all my blogger friends!
Yes I am still here and feeling alright.
Trying to get some small projects done around the house before our special
bundle of joy arrives in 2 more months!!
Just so you know, every project we do around here lately has only cost us between
20-50.00 !!! Yes that is it!!!!
When I say I am a thrifting queen...I mean it !!!
I finally got my new front door. A pretty french door from craigslist for only 30.00.
We painted it and here it is!!!
Changes the whole appearance of the front entry in and out!!!
The bead board we put up in the kitchen is from our dining room project where we purchased all the bead baord for only 25.00.
I decided to paint it a very light blue, in our of our baby son soon to arrive!!

My new door and new foyer floor. A brick pattern that goes very lovely with the wood floors through tout the house!!

So come on in our to our little home and have a cup of tea while enjoying the sounds of children playing and dogs barking!
Don't worry about wiping your feet, there are little footprints everywhere!!!!


♥ Noelle ♥ said...

looks lovely! can't believe your baby boy will be here soon, how time flies! hope you are doing well ♥

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Now that is a door I truly love. I always wanted a french door somewhere and settled for a storm door in the back that looks like a french door!


Lori said...

Oh Jenn love the door! I have a very old one I am looking to use between my family room and kitchen. Where did you find the very cute pink candle in the kitchen you've shown? Two months, where has the time gone to? Hope your doing well! Sending love,Lori

shirley said...

Oh Jenn, How exciting..Wont be long and your blue bundle of joy will be mixing in with all this pink! :)