Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let them be Little

I love photos of pics that capture their personality. The sweetness and innocence of a child.
I snapped this shot while at a Teddy Bear Picnic at our local library.
Madison was listening so carefully as a story was being read to the children.
Afterwards we went outside and ate lunch. It was a cool day, but very refreshing.

Another favorite photo is those cute bath shots. After we gave Matthew his bath and swaddled him in his blanket to dry, he fell asleep. He is always asleep!!!
He gets up at 1:30am for his feeding and then again at 5am and has been on this schedule since the 2nd day we brought him home.
Thank God!!!
After having 4 other kids at home, it sure is nice to get sleep at night with a newborn!!
I look forward to the holidays coming up and all the family photos and holiday theme pics I take of the kids!!
Have a great November weekend!!!

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Whimsicalnotions said...

no Very sweet and i agree let them be little.All too soon those days are gone.