Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cheap bathroom redo

I know I haven't posted in a long time!! I just don't think I have anything interesting to say sometimes. I am on my blog daily and read other blogs daily as well.
The kids are all home for summer and we have been cleaning, decluttering and organizing the house. What started out as a my husband cleaning the bathroom floor turned out to be a nice weekend project!!!
I told DH please clean the floors and he decided it was just easier to tear them apart and put a new floor down. Then as he was doing that, I suggested we use what was left over from our beadboard wallpaper kitchen project to do the walls in the bathroom. So we put that up and added the chair rail and painted it all white. Looks great!! Looks like real beadboard too!!
So as we got that finished I decided to do the countertops as well like we had in the kitchen, We used laminate tile and it looks great!! My DH glues them down so they don't move!!
I love the way it looks!!! And it was done for under 10.00$$ !!!
The shower curatin was found on amazon for 14.99 and the Ikea light fixture also an amazon find for 14.99. I love the halogen lights!!!

I am super excited about the bathroom and love how we did it so cheap!! In a perfect world I would have gutted the whole bathroom, but time and money are not abundant right now!!
Oh and how do you love my kitty, Snap? For some reason she wont leave the bathroom, and I;m not about to disagree with a 17 year old kitty!!! LOL
Enjoy your summer!!


Norma said...

Hello Jenn, thanks for visiting my blog, always nice to see a new friendly face :)

Your bathroom redo looks really nice, relaxing and peaceful - and it seems that your darling cat agrees ;)

NanaDiana said...

It looks great! You got a lot of bang for what you spent. Nice job!!! Hugs- Diana

SvetlanaNsk said...

Hello! Nice work! I'm looking for any ideas for my bathroom. Yours looks so fresh and neat:)