Friday, July 15, 2011

Pink Saturday love!

Thank you to Beverly at
for being our gracious host for this wonderful Pink Saturday!!
I have meet so many wonderful people and thier lovely blogs!!!
My pink contribution is a shadow box I made with my collection of digital images
I buy from etsy!
I would love to do my crafting this summer, but with the kids all home
time is scarce!!
Crafting is my little get away. A way of just relaxing and fogetting about some of the stress from
my day!!!
I have been reading all the blogs this week and just love all the Where Bloggers Create post.
I wish I had a spot!!! My space is my dining room table, and my storage is a closet off the loving room!! All my rooms are filled with sweet little faces, baby dolls, and teaddy bears!!!
And some day I am going to miss this!!!


Robyn said...

Great little piece! Love it! I know the feeling, my crafting spot is also my dinning room table - I even added the extra two leaves to it - that are usually reserved for holiday dinners - so I had MORE space, ha ha. Best of luck crafting this summer and hope you have a fun pink weekend!

NanaDiana said...

WEll, that is a cute little piece. My summer is full and busy too..but it is fun to pop in and see what everyone is up to...I think we all wish we had more time and space to craft- xo Diana

LV said...

Time may have been short, but you still designed and very pretty little shadow box. I love that photo of your "peeps".

Kristin said...

Oooh, LOVE the shadow box - of course, I love anything cupcakey. My Pink Saturday post is a cupcake this week too. :)

And I'm with you - my creative spot is the couch in my living room. But then, I mostly just knit and digi scrapbook, so I don't need a whole room for that...I can still drool over other peoples' spaces, though!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Jenny's Heart said...

Jenn- I cannot tell you how much I love love love your shadow box! I adore all things cupcake and I have a small collection, you did a great job and I am so stealing this idea from you!
X's & O's

tami said...

Hi Jen...this is the cutest shadow box!! I love it. Happy Pink Saturday!! xo Tami