Thursday, February 4, 2010

Umm..pudding treats

I just love Family Fun magazine!! It always has creative projects, recipes and games for the kids.
One treat that was in the magazine from February 2010 issue is Pudding Treats.
I just made instant pudding and stuffed the ice cream cones with it and added some sprinkles and yum!!
What a cute and sweet treat!!!
However they must be eaten pretty quickly as the cone gets mushy after a while.
It's a great activity for scouts or just the kids.
The magazine suggests making the instant pudding in a zip lock baggie
by putting the instant mix in the bag, add 2 cups of milk, seal the bag and shake and knead for 8-10 minutes but that wouldn't work out for my group!!
But it sure would be fun as a project with a troop.
There is also a recipe for smores in a baggie which we are making this weekend with the kids and I'll post some pics and how they turned out after we make them!
Off to bloggie land!!

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