Saturday, February 20, 2010

Magazine Disappoinment.... Again!!

Once again I bought a magazine, a once favorite of mine that I made sure to never miss an issue a few years back!!
Alot has changed since then!!
I don't buy magazines too often, but every once in a while I'll pick one up!!!
I have to say how disappointed I have been!!!!
Lately most of the magazines don't have any holiday features!!
Rather than showcasing homes that decorate for all the different holidays, they have eliminated them all together!!!
It's just a little disappointing in my opinion!!
I would love to see photos from homes that decorate for the holidays, even if they are ones I don't celebrate!!! I don't care-I'd love to see them all, rather than none!!!
But that's just me!!!
On the brighter side- today my uncle gave this very beautiful teapot and creamer. Isn't it wonderful???? It was my great grandfathers!!!
I love it and I am so happy he gave it to me!!!!!
Made my day!!!


shirley said...

Jenn, The teapot and creamer are beautiful. Bet it made up for the bad magazine. You must tell us which magazine it was that so disappointed you! I know I have been there.

CC said...

What a gorgeous teapot and creamer.
I know you're thrilled to have such a treasure..

Lori said...

Hi Jenn
Your goodies are due to be there the latest Tuesday! Hope you enjoy them! I wasn't able to mail your package on Friday, which was a nuts day, but did Saturday, and priority! So what magazine was it? I'm getting pretty tired of to many ads and pathetic contents. It seems like you need to go through the first 8 - 10 pages of ads before you get anywheres. Well off to right a dumb short but hard paper, ugh! Let me know when it comes!! Lori

huntedtreasures said...

You know I had done the same thing until I found one, well that is if you are into antiques and Shabby Chic stuff. Try out Romantic Country they only come out quarterly by the time you are done with this magazine you just can not wait until the next issues comes out. It includes blogger's,crafters, people that will inspire you to decorate your home. They give you tons of ideas, but before you purchase it try going to Barnes n Nobel or a book store that you might have, and check it out I am sure you won't be disappointed. We love it and I brrows throught pages over and over. Good luck in your Treasure hunt.

Maria & Ruth

Terri said...

oooooh! Old family, stuff! I love it! Lucky you!