Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids Room redo

Girls Room Before 2007 Wow!! What started out as a day long project turned out to be a 4 day job!!!
There was so much more work that needed to be done and we had to get it right before completing the room.
The room here is an add on. We were not responsible for that construction project! When we bought the house, it was here already. Looks like some one did it in 1 day!! Where the french doors are now was a sliding glass door. It is now framed in and crown moulding was added for some detail. It is not really a bedroom more like a playroom, but we have bunk beds in there so anyone can sleep in there whenever they like. To the left when you first walk in thru the french doors is my oldest daughters room and the twins room too.
We still need to do a few more touch ups and fix the french doors as they are not level yet.

We started by painting the room yellow and it really brightened up the space so much. We took out the disgusting carpet and put down vinyl floor for now and eventually wood floors will go in there as well.
The girls love it!! They play in there often and are saving there money for a flat screen LCD tv in there too!!
Hopefully it will be much easier to clean the floors and keep it organized in there.
As long as the kids remember to clean up thier own toys, then we're doing alright!!!

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stefanie said...

you are doing the same thing as me!! lol, I am pooped, I have been in my daughters room all day. how do girls get sooooo much stuff.