Monday, December 22, 2008

What? No pink???

Our home decorated for the holiday season. My dining room Christmas tree decorated with sweet treats and handmade ornaments.
Then to change things up a bit, we painted over the pink kitchen! It looks clean and nice and I even decluttered somewhat to make it a little easier to clean in there.

The above pic is over the tops of the cabinets.

Here is my bay wondow all ready for christmas as well. The white valances look so sweet in there and when the morning suns shines thru- it brightens the kitchen so much!
There are so many projects we need to complete around the house and we are tackling them one at a time. When you start one project, it amazing how it opens your eyes to other things that need to be done! Step by step.. we'll get them done!


Ellen said...

Seasons kitchen looks great (as always). Luv the tree. Merry Christmas my friend. :)Ellen

Rose1957 said...

VERY VERY pretty Jenn! I like that much better! It does look so fresh and clean and the pink roses show up better to. Great job!
I also have a blog now. I think you already made a comment there though come to think of it. lol

Terri said...

It looks great Jen! I think I may paint my cabinets white after Christmas. What kind of paint did you use?

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday Jenn...enjoy your cheescake...