Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sweet Christmas Tree

Another late night project...

Maddie is late one! She likes to stay awake late and sleep in. So while she is quietly watching her programs I have been hard at work!

I made cupcakes, lollipops and pink gingies and put them on my sweet treats tree.

I am trying to think of what to put on as the topper.

I am all done christmas shopping and I have been crafting special things for the childrens teachers.

I love all the projects I do around christmas, just wish I had a better crafting spot other than my dining room table.

The Snowmen on the shelf in the pic was given to us by my dear neighbors. They are so sweet! Each year they get the us all gifts and Madison especially loves the one they got the whole family!


Rose1957 said...

Hey, it's me Rose from the Country Sampler forum. Been missing you and asked about you on there and someone gave me your blog addy. I had a virus awhile back and lost all my favorites that had your addy in it.
Sure do like your home decorated for Christmas. It's SOOOOOO feminine!!!! PRETTY! Great job!

Kether said...

The house looks fantastic! love the new color...
I'm glad i'm not the only one with a little one who stays up late!

Ellen said...

Jen...maddie looks soo big here, almost as big as the twins. How nice of the neighbors. :)Ellen