Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summer....oh yeah!

Summer has began and everyone is home! Except Michael who gets to get away for work!
The kids are enjoying being home and Madison loves having her sisters around.
She has in fact started showing interst in potty training. She takes off her diaper when it is wet and loves to hand it us full of poop! I put the potty chair in the bathroom and she sits on it but no luck yet- I guess she has to make the connection!
She will- very soon too I know~
We also figured out she is a Reba fan! We watch the show nearly everyday and as soon as the intro comes on she stops what she is doing and runs in to hear the song!!
Very cute! She is also a very big Teletubbies fan (thanks to Grandma Wolfe to sending down all those tapes a few years back!) Maddie watches them everyday- she is glued to them!! She even walks around saying- Oh oh!!
We got the kids a mice sized pool this year and so between that and the trampoline they are very happy kids and we get to spend alot of time outside! I plan on adding a sandbox to the yard this week as well. Michelle's friend said, "Your yard is like a park!"
I say even better!! Gotta keep them kids busy!
Michelle has her big recital in less than two weeks- I can not wait for this to be over! LOL

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