Thursday, June 28, 2007

I just want to sit and have tea~

Here is a little spot I created in the living room. A nice place to place my tea cup during my afternoon tea with the joyful sounds of doors slamming, music blasting, and the ever so pleasant sound of the Teletubbies in the background!
Thats what my house is like! Poor Madison broke all her Teletubbies tapes and I am on a mission to fond more- anywhere and everywhere!!
Madison is feeling much better- thank you to all who prayed! We think she was jsut teething as she has some new molars in back! I gave the kid so much Gatorade I think she was ready to float away. I truelly believe by keeping her so well hydrated helped to get rid of the fever!! I must have given her a gallon in 2 days!!
Michelle misses dance class and is having a very restful summer with her friends and family here at home!
Mikayla started in today sniffly and sneezy! No fever- thank God- hopefully just allergies!
Megan misses her friends from school and baseball.
We are having a very restful summer- a much need rest time!

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