Monday, June 11, 2007


Madison spoke yet another word today.
We were in the living room and here she is fighting with Megan.
She yanks away Megan's cup and clearly demands, "MINE!"
Then when we realized it was actually Megans cup we took it away and once again
appeared the Terrible Twos Monster! She threw herself down on the ground and screamed! Oh how I love this stage!!
Mikayla and Megan went to Vacation Bible School today and they loved it!
Jacob is there too and so they were happy to see him and he was very happy as well.
Michelle's show is Friday and Saturday and then it is over!!
I am volunteering Wednesday and Friday!
Last year when I volunteered I was in the dressing room with Mikayla and Michelle and the AC broke, three kids puked and it was horrible!! I signed up for something easy this year!! LOL

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