Friday, April 15, 2011

Pink Saturday!! Yeah!!!!

Welcome to Pink Saturday here at whinenroses blog. I decided to jump on in and participate in Pink Saturday. I just want my posts to be pink and pretty and hope all who visit think so too.

We are getting ready for Easter here and putting a few things out here and there.

I made the feather boa tree several years ago. It matches with my feather wreath that hangs on the front door.

Hopefully the Easter bunny will find us !!

We planted all new azealases this year and I look forward to many beautiful blooms for years to come. It has been getting cold here in FL these past few winters so rather than cover plants and hope they survive, we planted all cold hardy plants. We even got the Encore Azealeas that bloom throughtout the year, not just once!

I want to thank Beverly for hosting another great pink Saturday.

I can't wait to see what everyone has got in store for us pink lovers out there!

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Have a wonderful weekend!!



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The bunny will be here soon!

I finally got around to putting some easter decorations up. Just a few things. Some wreaths, pink eggs, and a few bunnies here and there. The kids love to add the wondow clings to the front door. I let them decorate that! We've been working hard on more projects. We got the rest of the beadboard panels up in our foyer. That was part of our 25.00 craigslist find back in august. It looks great in the foyer too and eventually we will do the living room too. Little by little. I would love to do more with the beadboard wallpaper, but I have textured walls. Thats limets me to what I can do with it. We also added some thin molding on the door that leads out to our garage. It is a big heavy wood door and I really like it, but too plain. The cost of a new door is just not in the budget right now. So we bought some molding for 5.00 a piece (we needed 2) and hubby used liquid nail to glue it on the door. Looks great!!! Above the doors we added thick molding and rosettes. Too bad even with all the custome wood and decor our house is still not worth much!!! This weekend we are taking the kids to see the easter bunny for pics. I managed to bribe...uh.. I mean talk the girls into getting the pic for thier baby brothers first Easter!!! We'll see who cries this year...probably me!! Hugs, Jenn

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playtime and all that artwork!!

I haven't blogged much lately. Same old boring stuff around here. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, whining, crying, poopy diapers and hormones!!! Ah- life with 5 kids!!! Somehow I managed to put together this play area for Matthew. Little guy is surrounded by so much girlie stuff with 4 sisters and shabby mama! To add a little balance around here, we gave our little man his own play area decorated with birthday pic frames of each of the kids and framed kids artwork!! Yes, I have a lot of artwork collected over the years so it's hard to showcase just certain pieces, but what can I do with all this stuff?!?!? Well a few years ago while reading through old Parents magazines, I found a great idea!! For many years I gathered artwork and put them in big plastic bins. Eventually all the bins add up and take a lot of space. So every once in a while I go through the bins and take a picture of each of the pieces. I then print up the pics and put them all in a photo album. If you want, you can add the date and name of child on the back of the photo for easy identification, and then throw out the pieces. Yes I said throw out!!! We all know we can't keep everything!!!! I got a little more caught up the other day and then about had a breakdown! I just could not throw anything else out!!!! It is a process- and it must be done when your in a purging mood!!! Although this idea may not be for everyone- if there are any better ideas out there for storage and organization I am open to them!!! But this seems to work for me and maybe it could work for you too!!! Hugs, Jenn