Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playtime and all that artwork!!

I haven't blogged much lately. Same old boring stuff around here. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, whining, crying, poopy diapers and hormones!!! Ah- life with 5 kids!!! Somehow I managed to put together this play area for Matthew. Little guy is surrounded by so much girlie stuff with 4 sisters and shabby mama! To add a little balance around here, we gave our little man his own play area decorated with birthday pic frames of each of the kids and framed kids artwork!! Yes, I have a lot of artwork collected over the years so it's hard to showcase just certain pieces, but what can I do with all this stuff?!?!? Well a few years ago while reading through old Parents magazines, I found a great idea!! For many years I gathered artwork and put them in big plastic bins. Eventually all the bins add up and take a lot of space. So every once in a while I go through the bins and take a picture of each of the pieces. I then print up the pics and put them all in a photo album. If you want, you can add the date and name of child on the back of the photo for easy identification, and then throw out the pieces. Yes I said throw out!!! We all know we can't keep everything!!!! I got a little more caught up the other day and then about had a breakdown! I just could not throw anything else out!!!! It is a process- and it must be done when your in a purging mood!!! Although this idea may not be for everyone- if there are any better ideas out there for storage and organization I am open to them!!! But this seems to work for me and maybe it could work for you too!!! Hugs, Jenn

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