Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome to Pink Saturday and BIG BIG news from our house!!!!

Thank you Beverly at for hosting another lovely Pink Saturday!!
This week for pink Saturday we have some huge, gigantic, BIG and fat news!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See if you can guess by some of the pics I threw of course, but maybe a clue......hummmm......

The above picture is a pretty cone I found at Tuesday Morning. Pink and green are my two favorite colors!!! Love the pretty sparkly eggs!
The next picture is some goodies I got from my lovely swap partners from the Easter basket swap Miss Rhea hosted!! Next week I am going to post more pics of the baskets I received. I absolutely love them!!! I got the prettiest treasures from two of the sweetest ladies!!!'s another pic that we could consider a clue!!!
What cute baby shoes!!! I found them a few years ago and dolled them up!!!

Well....have you guessed our BIG FAT surprise?!?!?
Well if not.....the next pic will definitely give it away!!!

Ok..... give up????
Well here is it!!!!!

Yes!!! You got it!!! We're having a baby!!!

The girls are so excited and are hoping for a boy......

oh how I would love to add some pink and aqua decor around here!!!!!

I am due in October and we are praying for a healthy baby!!!

I threw in the pink baby dress because most likely it will be another girl!!

But who know?!?!?!? Only God does!!!

And God knows we need alot of prayers around here!!!!

Blessings to all!



Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to Pink Saturday at our home!

Maddie and I invite you to come join us this lovely Pink Saturday!
Come on into our home and explore all the pink Easter pretties we have all around our home.
We found this adorable window cling at the Dollar store and fell in bunny love with it. Maddie even helped me clean the window to put up the cling!
As I was decorating for Easter she hid some plastic easter eggs for the bunny-
well...she almost gets it!! LOL

Here is a pink feather boa tree I made 3 or 4 years ago. It was super simple!! I just took a stryofoam shape and glued on the boa and then hot glued on plastic eggs and ribbons. Isn't it sweet???

The Easter sign was something I made a few years ago too!! I haven't made any easter decor this year yet as I was busy working on my Easter basket swap and
I then I thought I'll just put all the pretties I get from my dear partners and that will be my decor for this year!! I can't wait until they get my swap and I get thiers!!! I am so excited!!!

Here is the china cabinet in my dining room. Again I made the paper eggs a few years ago. I really think I need to swap out the house for my easter egg house instead!!
I can't wait to go blogging around today and see all the lovely pink Saturday posts!!!
Easter is one of my facorite holidays to decorate for!! All the pretty pinks and pastels- umm.....I am in pastel heaven!!!
Thank you so much to Beverly at
for putting together another successful Pink Saturday!!!
Oh how I look forward to this day!!!
For this weeks challenge I am going to tell you about
Cindy at
What a beautiful blog and home she has!!!!
Looks like she like to go thrift store shopping just like I do!!!
That's a favorite hobby of mine, of course!!
Have a blessed week my friends!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday ya'll

Thank you to Beverly at
for hosting another pink Saturday!!
Oh how I love pink!!!

Just another beautiful Pink Saturday filled with pink goodies and for me this weekend- girl scout cookies!!

Yes I am one of those moms out there at the grocery store with my girls selling those yummy cookies!!! wish me luck!!

This week I am showcasing some of my pink treasures! Above is a collection of my doilies that have been given to me by fellow bloggers whom I adore!!

I was thinking about hanging them up on the wall in the kitchen!! How pretty that would look!

Another pic is from my kitchen sink area. Yes- I even use pink labeled bleach!!

I am a bleach freak!! Wash my dishes in warm bleach water especially during cold and flu season!

Here is a pic of a Easter collage I made a few years ago. Pink and lacy with vintage Easter images. I just put it up yesterday!!

And I just had to pick up this sweet pink Easter bunny. He was a goodwill find for only 1.00. Who could resist a a bunny with pink shoes?

And finally my pink glass bunnies. I think they look pretty just as they are!! Maybe a little sweeter with chocolate candy inside!!
This weekend we are keeping busy with the kids.
I have been working on my Easter basket swap from
Miss Rheas baster swap and I am so super excited!! I can't wait to post the beautiful baskets I know I will receive from my lovely blogging friends.
Have a happy Saturday my dears!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Minnie's house

Don't you just love Minnie's house?
We visit Disney World at least once a year since we live so close and everytime I love to see Minnie's house!! Mickey's is cute too- but nothing like Minnie's!!
Everything looks so sweet and perfect!!

Even the perfect exterior.
So cute!!

Here is a pic inside the house the last time we were there on New Years Eve.
It was the twins birthday and it had to be the busiet day of the year!
It was hard to get pics with so mnay people around and we were all jammed packed into the house!

The fireplace in the front parlor is so sweet and cozy looking!
Here is a pic of the little ones. I had to retake that pic as other kids trying popping in front of us while I was snapping the pic!!
Sometimes people don't watch thier own kids!!

And the lovely gazebo.
Isn't a dreamy?
This picture was from the year before last, 2008.
So if I lived in a house like Minnie's, a perfect little dollhouse,
I guess I'd have tons of kids running in and out all day....
wait....I DO have tons of kids running around!!
But my hubby would have his own house next door-
umm....I like that!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I HAD to do it !

This is the BEFORE pic from my master bedroom.

Kind of cramped. I got the mantle from craigslist for 40.00 a few months ago and it looked so pretty but I just can't be in cramped spaces!!

So we arranged the furniture and now I use it as a headboard!!

And the biggest thing we did in the room over the weekend was...........

tore out the nasty carpet!!! Yeah!!! We only have 1 bedroom left with carpeting!!!! As you can see in this old pic from November the ugly red carpet!!! Why red???? This disgusting carpet was all over the house!!!! Even in the dining room- glad that's all GONE!!!!
Here is the room now!!
The big king size mattress is under the mantle and the yucky carpet is gone!!
we painted the concrete floor a color to match with the wood floor we have through out the house, but because of the budget we did not want to spend money on the wood floor right now- we simply painted it to blend with the wood. From afar when looking into the room- you don't even notice it is painted concrete. I plan on buying a few throw rugs,if Bentley don't ruin them on me!!
The chandy is new too. I found it at the thrift store for 3.00 and painted it white and added the crystal prisms and silicone bulbs!! All for less then 20.00 and it looks sp pretty. My kids think it looks like something from the haunted mansion!!!

At night it looks super cozy in there!! Ohh...I didn't make my bed either....
Hey I never said I was the perfect housewife!!! LOL
Also over the weekend we rearranged the living room. I just needed more space!! On the weekends we can have up to 10 kids in the house and it gets cramped!! Then we all gather around to play Guitar Hero or Rockband and so it was tight!!
Now we have plenty of room for wii bowling too!!

This is the view from the foyer. It feels alot more spacious now. Plenty of room to even throw a big air mattress if need be!!
Have a great week my friends!