Friday, March 5, 2010

Minnie's house

Don't you just love Minnie's house?
We visit Disney World at least once a year since we live so close and everytime I love to see Minnie's house!! Mickey's is cute too- but nothing like Minnie's!!
Everything looks so sweet and perfect!!

Even the perfect exterior.
So cute!!

Here is a pic inside the house the last time we were there on New Years Eve.
It was the twins birthday and it had to be the busiet day of the year!
It was hard to get pics with so mnay people around and we were all jammed packed into the house!

The fireplace in the front parlor is so sweet and cozy looking!
Here is a pic of the little ones. I had to retake that pic as other kids trying popping in front of us while I was snapping the pic!!
Sometimes people don't watch thier own kids!!

And the lovely gazebo.
Isn't a dreamy?
This picture was from the year before last, 2008.
So if I lived in a house like Minnie's, a perfect little dollhouse,
I guess I'd have tons of kids running in and out all day....
wait....I DO have tons of kids running around!!
But my hubby would have his own house next door-
umm....I like that!!

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Cathy said...

I absolutely adore Minnie's House. I was there last October during one of the Trick or Treat nights. It was crazy and 95 degrees outside. I had a meltdown and became totally dehydrated running all around the park for free candy. Luckily I drank enough water to keep me from passing out right before the fireworks. Whew it was a really hot vacation.

Thanks for the wonderful reminder of my 10th anniversary vaca.