Saturday, October 17, 2009

New path

The joys of owning a home!
Always something that breaks, needs to be painted, repaired- you name it!
For years I have been tackling our front walkway and porch. Hated the paint!!
But after a while I just got tired of trying to remove the paint, so we decided why not paint!!
And what a difference!!!
I love it-only wish we had done it sooner!!

Outside I have some scarecrows, some fall colors, but inside it is very difficult to decorate for halloween as it just doesn't match my stuff!!
So I had a few pink pumpkins I did last year and so this year I am expanding upon that!
I have a pink display in the works on the mantle. When it is finished I will post the pics!
I have a small setup of some fall colors in the foyer, but that has grown some.

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Well I'm glad you decided to leave me a comment and thanks so much it was so sweet. I have decorated for Holloween, but I don't do too much have you tried using white pumpkins, I have seen some people cover them in glitter, that would go with your decor. I am behind on posting for the holiday, we have company right now so I havent had a chance to take pic's. You probably have seen"The Old Painted Cottage" blog but just in case you havent go check out the cottage of the month, she decorates perfectly for the holidays, lots of inspiration(;