Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love signs

ohh I love to decorate for Valentines- it is my second favorite holiday to decorate for!!
Today I plan on finishing a little tea cabinet I am painting pink and I plan on working on
making a valentines collage of the kids.
I especially love looking at others blogs this time of year too and seeing all the pinks and reds people decorate thier homes with for February!


shirley said...

I'm feeling good enough to check out some blogs. I just love your banner. I'm really into the banners and this one is just lovely. Your Valentine table looks awesome. This is something your children will always remember. I know I would.
Happy Valentine's Day to you.

*Noelle* said...

oh my goodness! you make the cutest stuff!! your blog is the cute one:) thanks for entering my give-away! i too live in a house full of whine!! lol i have 2 boys- 7 yrs and 21 months and they fight so bad, already!!! maybe we can vent with each other!


Lori said...

Hello! It seems to me I had found your site sometime agao, then lost the address. Well to my wonderful surprise I hear from you today! if you've read me on and off you know 2008 was one heck of a year! I have been working hard to accept what has been coming my way and be more happy, by the way thank you for the post on god that you recieved as a email, it helped me today! Anywho, I was so delighted to hear from you especially on a trying day! I just went through all your posts and gee! are you like a long lost sibling?? We have TONS of things identical, decorate alike and even craft alike! Wow! You've have me even wondering is the white cake with pearls and a pink rose real?? I do that to my family always, they ask is it real? You have done some exxceptional settings in your home! I love what you do with milkglass, and your cottages are adorable! The girls are a delight and I love it when your so honest what a home with three daughters is like! I can promise you no matter what I will NEVER lose your site again, it feels so much like home! Thank you Jenn for making my Sunday and week, I'm going to need it! Love and hugs, Lori