Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Serious Crafter!

Mornings have been absolutely beautiful- so me and Maddie find ourselves outside
each day.
We began the activities with finger painting. Well I really thought she would have loved it, but not really!!
First thing she says to me, "Where's my brush?"
I replied, "We are fingerpainting!"
Ohhh.... so she tried it......
And it just wasn't for her!
So we got out the brushes!! Much better!!!
After painting we went for a short walk in the wagon.
After our short stroll we headed for the trampoline for singing and dancing!
We had alot of fun together this morning!!
Mothers Day was a nice quiet day. Megan was ill so we stood home and had a quiet day!
Mikayla made me a bag of gifts. I just love this card with the sponge!
Megan made this wonderful handpring card!! It was some of the sweetest gifts I recieved!!

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Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hey Jenn, well this is a first, I usually don't get to leave a comment first.
so it sounds like you had alot of fun with the children, and thats funny most children love getting their hands into paint then use a brush, also did you get your pink gift I sent you? I hope it arrived safely, Also I've just tagged you please pop over for details and play with us.