Monday, May 5, 2008

One Magical Weekend

We spent the weekend at Disney!!!
The kids had such a wonderful time and the baby was in complete amazement over everything!!
We hopped on the tram from Pluto parking lot, to the ticket center. From there we got on the ferry boat across the beautiful waters to the Magic Kingdom!
Wow!!! The kids loved the castle!!!
They had a great day and yes it is a magical place!!!
Everything was going well until the tantrums kicked in when we wouldn't buy the little ones the things they wanted!!!
The lines were very fast- we were in and out in most rides!!
The Carosel of Progress we went right in- Maddie was sitting there with her mouth dropped staring!!!
From there we went to Buzz Lightyear.
We saw Mickey and Minnies house, Stitch, The Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World,
and the Michael took the kids to Tom Sawyer island while Michelle got ready to perform with her dance class.
We saw the Hall of Presidents and Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.
We got alot done!!!
We had a great weekend- had a nice hotel with indoor pool and nice family time!!!!

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