Friday, January 18, 2008

We are Family!

In the rare event at least two of my children are getting along- I have to capture it on camera!!
Even though there is nearly 4 years between the baby and the twins she is almost just a big as the tiny pair!
Maddie favorite name to say is Meggy!!
Shortly after the picture was taken I had to peel the sweet innocent baby off her bigger sister!!
Now thats more like it!!!
Today we took a trip to the local McDonalds and on the way we picked up Jacob. He is a dear friend to my girls and has been in love with the twins since they were babies and they love him like a brother! Now Maddie... not so much!! Jacob is her man!!
Isn't that funny?!??!
Here is a pic of them at their favorite place to dine!
And so the weekend comes along and the phone still keeps ringing for Mikayla and poor Michelle can't get to the phone if she tried~
Michelle had dance today and we are doing another fundraiser next month for our big Disney trip. We are all excited as the last time we went was when Michelle was 5 and the twins weren't born yet!!
Here is a pic of my little Hannah Montana wanna be!! She found the Hannah wig at Claires on sale for 12.00 ( 12.00 too much if you ask me) but the girls get a kick out of it!!
Please excuse the disorder- I have no clue how the get the pics in order!!!!

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Terri said...

Your girls sure our beautiful, Jen!