Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Projects

I have been busy working on some projects.
Here are a few items I listed on my etsy shop.
Our family is taking a big Disney trip with my daughters dance school and
I am hoping to raise money to help fund the trip.
Since I stay home I am trying to help the family without having to leave
our home. I'm thinking more ebay as well.
It's hard with four small kids and working- I know many Moms do it- but I don't how!!!
I give you all alot of credit!!
Just the other day I got a call from the school- someone is in the clinic!!
And Dr appoinments?!?!?!? Oh my!!!!
I worked last year and I think I called off more than I was there!! We all got so sick and when one kids was sick, the others were sure to follow the next week!!!
So here I am listing some items on etsy!

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