Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thift store Saturday

Once again here it is another hot Saturday and I was at the thrift stores!!
I headed out looking for certain items neither of which did I find.
I did find a pink Santa, pretty little mirror for my new bath( the mirror will be getting a new coat of pink paint). I found a brass quilt rack that will be painted white, the little white tea pot and creamer were 2.00 each and a milk glass lattice candy dish for 1.75.
We picked a color for the master bedroom, a light purple almost lavender color and I hope to get it painted tommorow as well.
My search for a small dresser to use a the bathroom vanity yeilded no result! I am going to hold off for now and when we finally put a new tub in then I will get the vanity as well. Mine isn't too bad I guess. I still will be on the lookout!!
I also made some faux cupcakes this morning, and just finished up two more.
Mikayla found some craft supplies at the thrift store and started on a holidays quilt!! Yes little Mikayla!! She is so very creative!!!

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