Sunday, July 29, 2007

Master Bath Almost All Done!!! Before and After pics

Here is the before pics. Ugly outdated bathroom in our master bedroom. It is a very small space and so it needed alot od work and we still need to get more stuff done!
Michael pulled out alot of the nasty brown tile I hated and tore out the flourscent lights, I found a vintage light fisture at the thrift store for only 1.50!!
It fits in there perfectly!
Now to the after pics~~

We painted the bath acustome color from Walmart. I found a paint chip called lady of the lake at Lowes and rather than spend the 25.00 on the gallon there I bought it Walmart for 11.86
It came out beautifully!!
Now we still have more to finish up and add to the bathroom.
The ceiling needs to be painted, and we plan on adding some sort of chair rail or crown molulding above the tiolet bowl and around the vanity.
I want to add a pic also on the wall where the light switch is.
It's a work in progress as is the rest of the house! At least now we can enjoy the space and have our own little escape spot for the world!

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Terri said...

Ohhhh! It's looking so pretty! Come do mine now!