Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Always making changes around here

Been doing some fall decorating around here and it seems like I am always having to change things around.
I think I like something, but then I find out it may be better another way.
With 5 kids I need to find what works best for the little space we call home.
I would love to someday extend my kitchen into the dining room and move the dining room into the living room. Problem is- where would put the living room!?!? We have a playroom  but it is too small, but maybe we can extend it out a few feet. Then there is the garage, but we have so much stuff and would need to get rid of a lot to convert it to a living room. Although it is a possibility!
So until then, I will continue to move things around and see what works- or we can just put the house up for sale! LOL


NanaDiana said...

LOL- I hear you, Jenn. I remember those days well-of lots of kids and not enough house. It always seems to work out somehow though, doesn't it? I love your home and it looks beautiful- xo Diana

Diane Jordan said...

Hi lovely lady.
I am back wow your changes in your kitchen and eating place are Gorgeous!! I hope you are having a great day.